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A two day 1:1 business coaching intensive designed to take your life and business to the next level.

I help high achieving women find their calling, step into their life's mission, and get MOVING.

Dear friend,
If you're reading this, I know exactly where you are and how you're feeling. You have this desire in your heart and this call on your life that you KNOW is Divine, yet you feel like YOU are the LAST person that should be doing it. 

Heck- there is someone who is ALREADY doing it... and she's doing it better, with more grace and poise than you think you'll ever be able to muster. 

YET- you are still called. 
You are chosen. You are needed.
You're the perfect person for the job. 

How do I know this?
Because God calls those who KNOW the only way this will be pulled off, is if they completely depend on Him. 
Which is exactly where He wants us! 

And friend, I want to help you.
Because I AM YOU. 
I am going through the process too (#brittanywritesabook).. and it's hard. 
But we can do this together.

 With God's help- and my experience... and your obedience to the call..
You have everything you need. 

Let me help you!:) 
xoxo, Brittany

A letter from brittany...

to the girl who is called to something bigger than herself...

1:1 coaching is right for you if...

You are finally ready to pursue that call you've had on your life... 

You are pursuing photography, online education, a personal brand, or new business.

You are willing to put in the work, but just need someone to guide you in the right direction.

You want honest feedback, deep work, and want true life change and business growth.

1:1 coaching is NOT right for you if...

You aren't coachable, willing to work, or up for changing.

You want to work with someone who is more of a hand holder than a coach.

You have no vision for you calling/business or time to put into it. 

You aren't in a season to start or pursue the actions required to begin.

I say... let''s see what God can do with a surrendered heart,
and let Him BLOW UP our wildest dreams! 

Tony Robbins says... 

"We overestimate what we can do in a year and underestimate what we can do in 5 years" 

The results...

The thing you feel called to, can sometimes need some processing, clarity, and affirmation. 
This retreat will do JUST that! 

TRUE clarity

Brittany has built multiple businesses from the ground up that reached 6 and 7 figures.
This didn't happen by accident. 
By God's favor, the right support, and simple tools and strategies are the thing that brought her there- and can do the same for you! 


This is where the fun work begins! 
Brainstorming, organizing, and implementing a smart action plan to get you through is what will take you from being CALLED to something, to LIVING the adventure of surrender! 

AN action plan

Onboarding Zoom Call with Brittany ($297 value)

2 Full Days of Hands On ONE on ONE Learning with Brittany
($5,800 value)

Access to all of Brittany's resources, platforms, secrets, and strategies ($3,000 value)

New On Brand Headshots
($500 value)

4 Weeks Post Retreat Support
($400 value)

All meals included ($140 value)

What's included?

$2,000 off for the first five women to sign up
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total value

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Ready for the next level?

apply now to work 1:1 with Brittany AT THE BEACH!

This is for the girl who is ready to GO. 
The girl who is ready to TAKE ACTION. 
The girl who is tired of WAITING. 
The girl who is willing to INVEST in herself. 
The girl who just needs a GUIDE. 
This is for the girl who is CALLED to something MORE.

Her coaching style is so simple! She gets straight to the heart of what's going on."

- kimberly k.

You can put as many testimonials here as you want! ;)

- Elizabeth m.

& Answers

WHERE DO I STAY? which airport?

Anywhere in Orange Beach would be close to Brittany! 
We suggest the Springhill Suites Hotel which is walking distance to Brittany's condo!
A one bedroom condo at The Wharf  which is where Brittany lives!

Fly into Pensacola International Airport!

how do i know if this is the right for me right now?

This is right for you if you feel a huge call on your heart, but no one to guide you, educate you, or keep you accountable. 

This retreat is to not only educate you and equip you, but to inspire and motivate you to GET GOING!

do you recommend this for new businesses?

YES. If you know you've been called to this- God has given you everything you need to start.

You just need a guide to lead you into the right direction, avoid mistakes most business owners go through, and affirm you that this is the right direction for you! 

grab your coffee and your dreams and lets talk

or.. we can start with a zoom call

Let's do this!

I'm so there!



3 monthly zoom calls

2 day in person retreat

3 month coaching

1-1 Beach Business Intensive

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1 coaching zoom call

60 minute zoom

my story...

I live in Orange Beach, Alabama with my sweet husband Thomas and 4 littles! I absolutely love cooking good food, porch time and coffee, and binge watching Netflix or diving into a new personal development book!

Most days you can find me in my yoga pants, comfy t-shirt, digging into my bible and uncovering mind blowing discoveries about my Lord and Savior, Jesus!
I believe in slow mornings, long walks, yummy date nights, and deep conversations with friends! 

My faith is the cornerstone of my life and business.. and being a preacher's daughter- you may hear me preaching truth here and there.. Embrace it. Apply it. And notice the freedom that you can experience in your life and business!

believer-wife-mama to four-
business coach - reality tv junkie

I'm Brittany...

Hey y'all!

So.. are you ready for this?

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