Three Reasons to Use a Reflector

December 8, 2020

3 Reasons to Use a Reflector


A reflector stops the light and then bounces it back in the direction that you’re pointing the reflector.

We all know that light is constantly traveling.

Whenever it hits something, it bounces and is going to continue to travel. 

The purpose is to fill in a shadow where light is not. 

A reflector is also one of the tools I use to achieve light and airy images.

It can be used for clients or when shooting bridal details, products, etc.

When using an 85, you’re generally really far back from your clients to get full-length shots therefore the reflector won’t do much.

However, when using a 35mm or 50mm, you’re close enough to use the reflector to bounce pretty light back into their face.

Use the reflector to shade your camera/lens

Another scenario that a reflector comes in handy for…

Let’s say that you’re in a specific location and the sun is getting into your lens but you can’t move or fix it.

You can get someone to use the reflector to shade your camera/lens so you can still get that pretty sun-filled background without out of control sun flares.


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