A James Grace House Wedding: Anne and Daniel

October 21, 2019

James Grace House in Plaquemine, La is a hidden gem that many don’t know about… and MY GOODNESS am I glad that Anne decided to ask ME to join her and her family at this beautiful venue for their wedding day!

I remember the first time Anne and Daniel met me for coffee, it was SO sweet hearing their love story unfold, and how they both had such different versions! I knew immediately that this was going to be SUCH a great couple to work with during this journey!

But their love continued to impress me.

Their engagement sessions was done at my house- and it was such a humbling experience for me. Witnessing these two. Their love for each other. Its seriously inspiring, and I remember telling them that couples like them, is what keeps me in the wedding industry. Its what keeps me LOVING this mission God has given me.

To photograph love stories in a way that their grandchildren will look at one day.

Yes- cheeseball alert. But its so true.

Fast forward a couple months… and here I am again.

Completely blown away at the love of these two.

I cried multiple times throughout the day… and I’m not sorry.

I am honored to have been the slightest part of showing the world the love they have for each other.

And I hope and pray they will continue to allow me to be a part of their family as they add babies to the mix one day!!


We weren’t 100% sure if we would be able to do the daddy/daughter first look.. but God is good. He is gracious. And now they both have a memory they will never forget.

The sweetest first look EVER. The BEST decision any couple can make on their wedding day!

When you can’t help yourself but do “The Chandler” after you become husband and wife!!

The Dream Team:

Venue: James Grace House

Photography: Brittany Bruce Photography

Coordinators: Revel and Cheer

Hair: Mrs. Donna Guerin

Makeup: Megan Stroud

Cake: Vicky’s

Florist: Flowers For All Occasions

Caterer: Tiger Grace

DJ: Complete Weddings & Events

Videographer: Stephen Meaux

Anne and Daniel,

Thank you so so sooooooo much for allowing me to be apart of your engagement and wedding day! I am SO happy to have met you, witnessed your love for each other, and now call you my friend! You guys are both so special to me, and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for your future together!!!




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  1. Christina Chambers says:

    These portraits will be treasured for a lifetime.

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