A Windrush Garden Bridal Session

February 8, 2019

Bridal sessions are 100% for the southern bride. For the bride that wants to extend every ounce of this season of her life because she knows it will all go by too fast! It’s for the bride who has a tight knit relationship with her momma and wants this to forever be in a 16×20 frame in her living room. It’s for the bride that loves to “try out” her hair and makeup before the actual day because she’s a planner and doesn’t like to take a chance on something so important! Bridal sessions are for the girl that wants to live in her wedding dress and refuses to let it be only worn once!!

One huge regret I have is not having bridals taken. I would have loved an album documenting this season of my life. The girl that I was at 23. The girl that couldn’t wait to be a wife and mom and had hopes and dreams of a big white farm house with a ton of kids piled on top of her watching cartoons on Saturday morning. The girl that was just SO ready to be married to the one God made only for her.

So my friend, future wife, and gorgeous bride to be… schedule that bridal session with your photographer! Right now! Stop thinking about it, and do it. Create this gorgeous heirloom for your daughter to look at one day! She will be so thankful you did!


Location: Windrush Gardens

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