it's time to create a life you love.

let me tell ya how I did it.

my story...

I live in Orange Beach, Alabama with my sweet husband Thomas and 4 littles! I absolutely love cooking good food, porch time and coffee, and binge watching Netflix or diving into a new personal development book!

Most days you can find me in my yoga pants, comfy t-shirt, digging into my bible and uncovering mind blowing discoveries about my Lord and Savior, Jesus!
I believe in slow mornings, long walks, yummy date nights, and deep conversations with friends! 

My faith is the cornerstone of my life and business.. and being a preacher's daughter- you may hear me preaching truth here and there.. Embrace it. Apply it. And notice the freedom that you can experience in your life and business!

believer-wife-mama to four-
business coach - reality tv junkie

I'm Brittany...

Hey y'all!

seek Him first, and He will take care of the rest

words I live by

This statement changed EVERYTHING!

From that moment forward, I decided to start serving people with whatever tools I had in front of me. 

I started a photography business that turned into 6 figures after just one year. 

I then started an online education business shortly after, which then turned into 7 figures 18 month later. 

And during that time, I also started a mastermind and boutique business... both turned into 6 figure businesses!

"you can totally do this"

Most photographers you know have been holding a camera in their hand since birth! That may be your story- but it wasn't mine. For as long as I remember I have always wanted to be a teacher. Yup. A teacher. So I got my degree, taught for 3 years, and decided it was NOT at ALL what I thought. I was miserable. So when I got pregnant with the twins, I decided to RETIRE from public school education (and never looked back).

Fast forward 2 years, I was a stay at home mom, had 3 babies in diapers, one income, and I was again miserable. I lost myself, I forgot who Brittany was.. and I was sick and tired of not being able to afford simple date nights with my husband, or a new pair of shoes for myself! Every dime went to the babies, and I started searching for ways to earn extra money. Tried MLMs.. (that was exhausting).. thought about being a fitness coach.. (HA)..
and then..

 at the newborn session of my 3rd baby, my husband watched the photographer take beautiful images with her Nikon camera and leaned over to me and said.. 

My Story

And it's my mission to teach other women who are lost, needing a change, and wanting to provide extra income for their family.. to use what they have in front of them as a tool to completely change their life

Get  to  Know me...

1. fav tv show:

true crime documenteries

2. Enneagram


3. starbucks order

venti non fat white mocha with whip cream add a shot

4. can't live without

jesus and yoga pants

5. fav shop: 

comfy chic boutique

tell me more!

Get  to  Know me...

6. fav book

Prayer of jabez
Bruce wilkinson

7. fav scripture

ephesians 3:14-21

8. vacation

orange beach and disney!

9. daily breakfast

coffee and more coffee

10. foods

crab cakes and gumbo

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My Timeline

where I've been


Unhappy public school teacher making $38,000/year


Became a mama of twins and officially retired from the public school system


Unhappy stay at home mom of twins making $0/year


Became a mama of 3 under 3. Picked up my camera for the first time.. ever. 


Became a portrait and wedding photographer in my tiny town making 6 figures!


Started my online education business teaching photography, business, and branding!


Hit 7 figures in sales!
Opened up Comfy Chic Boutique online and in Watson, La! 


Putting ALL of my businesses aside to solely focus on Believers in Business!
Helping Christian women in their faith and business!

number of retreats i've hosted




number of times i've wanted to quit


cups of coffee per day


Most Inspiring Books

Called to Create by Jordan Raynor

Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson

Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey

Master of One by Jordan Raynor

Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado

The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson

Morning Routine Tools

MacArthur Study Bible NASV

Frixion Pens and Bible Highlighters

Journal of the Year 

Coffee + Coffee Booster

Youtube on the TV set to Elevation Worship

In 2022, I moved my entire family of 6 to the beach! We said goodbye to our huge dream house on 10 acres and are now living in a tiny condo in Orange Beach!

Fun Fact

My first business I ever started was a photography business!
Which then led to photo education, boutique, and now christian business resources!

Fun Fact


Yep. it's true. I taught 30 ten year olds how to write essays before I became a photographer, podcaster, and biz coach!

I was a 5th grade teacher


From vacationing her dozens of times a year, we decided it was time to move! 
Started as a small town La girl and now a condo living beach girl!

I live at the beach!


I played basketball.. and shot in the wrong goal..

in high school...


Yep. If you do the math..
know that i had twins first! ;)

i had 4 kids in 4 years


to know about me

Random Things






the best thing ever!

level of love for...



comfy slippers

cups of coffee per day


hot white mocha please

I super love...


my kiddos

girls nights

daisy lou

chocolate malts

cheap red wine

pretty good at...


eating right



love people, serve people, change lives

words I live by:

Most Loved:

things i'm crazy about