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Are you ready to finally do the "God Thing" thats been on your


let's work together

"Am I ready for coaching?" 

This is one of the first questions I get when clients reach out to me, and my question back to them is always..

"Are you ready to take action on the thing you're called to?" 

Thats the only requirement! You're ready to take steps (even baby steps) toward the thing you want to do! 

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Are you ready for coaching?

You have a passion for people and are willing to work!

You want to skip the pain and frustrations of figuring it out on your own! 

You're FINALLY ready to DO the thing God is calling you to do! 

i'm so ready!

I could write a novel about the ways Brittany has impacted me. I have been trying to launch a membership for my community for over six years!

She came in and not only helped me validate the idea. But she talked me through exactly how to do it.

Then she swooped in on the backend, and made it a reality. Without her, my dreams for membership would still be just that a dream.

She put a plan in place and then helped me execute that plan with ease! 

Brittany took something that was extremely stressful and made it easy. Plus she is super fun to be around and talk to. She is positive and has a can do attitude. She went above and beyond to make my business money so I can keep impacting women. Hire her today!

Hear from Aime Stockstill

Founder of Let's Echo women's conference

"The way that brittany sees business and branding is unlike anyone else. you need her in your corner."

Audrey Bailey
author, the gratitude guide
digital creator

"Working with Brittany brought so much clarity! I feel like I finally have direction and a plan moving forward!"

katie campbell
founder 30a prays ministry

"I can't say enough how thankful I am for Brittany's heart and insight to the dreams and visions God has given me. She isn't just your business coach, she pours into your life and faith, and becomes your sister"

aime stockstill
founder of let's echo women's conference

"Without Brittany I wouldn't have been able to pull off my dream of building and launching The Let's Echo Membership! This was SO overwhelming for me and she simplified it ALL and made it MORE than doable! I got SO MANY MORE paying members than I expected all thanks to Brittany!! "

Sweet words from coaching clients:

Questionnaire Sent


I don't want to waste a single second asking a million questions during our time together on zoom, so I ask a bajillion questions to really get to know you and fully understand your life, business, struggles, where you're at, and where you want to go! 

Upon booking, I will send you the questionnaire so you can begin working through it! 

Sooo... How does this work?

Meet for Coaching


First we pray. Then we get to it! 
I am very aware that ever minute is precious and I want to make sure you get the MOST out of your investment! 

We will get right to it!

Defining the goal of the call and working our way through getting it accomplished! 

Follow Up


Whew! We did it! Minds were blown and action steps were created, but NOW WHAT?!

No worries. 

I will send you a detailed form of everything we talked through, what you need to do, and action steps to accomplish, so that you can move forward in the next steps of your goals and business!

Online options... 

zoom coaching + email support

I'm so there!



+ Email Support
+ Marco Polo Access

I'm so there!



Zoom + Email Support

In person option...

2 days in Gulf Shores, al
+ headshots

I'm so there!


2 full days of 1-1 coaching
build your program
create a launch plan
headshots + digital images
breakfast + lunch included

2 Day Business
Beach Intensive

payment options available

Join staci in

"I knew that God was calling me to step into more but I felt completely overwhelmed and very unprepared for business. I had been doing local church ministry for over a decade but knew nothing about the business world. After one meeting with Brittany, I was encouraged and inspired to take the next step. Brittany's heart for the Lord came across immediately but so did her mind for business. I had never encountered someone who had such a strong heart to serve the Lord and also had all the knowledge about how to start and run a business. After meeting with Brittany, I had more clarity, more practical steps and more confidence to step into the next thing God was calling me to do. The constant support and encouragement from Brittany motivated me not to quit when things got hard. The course is full of information and tons of resources and templates. Brittany has done the heavy lifting so that we can more easily take the next step in our journey."

Staci McLain
Founder of Savor Ministries


i'm so ready!

I had no idea when I signed up for the business coaching how much confidence it would give me to put myself out there and start my business.

 Brittany provided me with so many tools so many ways to market to help get myself out there that I cannot thank her enough.

 I started so insecure and nervous and unsure, and Brittany was with me every step of the way and continues to be by my side through my venture.

She taught me how to make my business work for me not me work for my business. She showed me how to simplify things how to organize things how to make running my business not consume my entire life and still be successful.

If I could tell anybody that’s interested one thing it’s go for it you will not regret the investment the time taken it is 100% worth it.

Hear from Megan Bardwell

parenting & puberty educator

A membership launch bringing in over $1000/month

A new brand launch and an email list doubling in size.

Quitting their 9-5 and going full time in their dream

Walking boldly into the thing God has called them to do!

Massive Results I've Seen

be prepared for...

The women I coach go from feeling overwhelmed and unequipped to having clarity, confidence, and a map to where they want to go!

you'll feel:

save my seat!

i'm so ready!

My experience with Brittany Bruce was seriously incredible.
She really unveiled things that I just couldn’t seem to pull out on my own, but I knew deep down I needed to figure out how.
Not only did she treat me like a client but like a true friend. From her courses to her beach intensive, I have had the greatest experience with direction, help, and clarity on my vision.
I went from doing every type of photography, to literally launching a luxury wedding photography business in only two days.
 I needed marketing skills, headshots, as well as photography of my own to help me build my brand.

She nailed all of those needs without me even asking!
All that I had to do was tell her my goals.

 I went home with clarity and direction. Everyone NEEDS a coach and Brittany absolutely exceeded my expectations. 

Hear from Angela Hartwig

luxury wedding photographer

first we pray..then we work.

After coaching hundreds of women starting their business, I have found the most profound coaching sessions have always started when we put God first, as the CEO that He is. 

Once you are on the calendar, I will send you an extensive questionnaire so I can get more acquainted with you and your business before we even meet together on zoom! 

Starting a business is HARD! But it doesn't have to be when you have the right people in your corner who have done it before.. again.. and again. 

After our coaching call is finished, I will send you an email with action steps and homework assignments that will keep you on track, so you will know EXACTLY what to do from there! 

If you've read this far.. must mean that you are READY. 
And I'm here to help! 

Sign up asap to get your spot on our calendar!! 

the expertise

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the innovation

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We do things a little differently... 

Are you ready to FINALLY pursue that 'God Thing' in your heart!? I'm here for you friend! LET'S DO THIS! 

Spots are filling up!


"The passion behind this course paired with her expertise is what makes this course so life-changing. It is also very easy to follow. Brittany gives you action steps so that you can be moving forward as you're taking the course. By the end, you could be ready to launch a business with a product! If you're looking for a sign, DO IT! This CHANGED MY LIFE! Before this course, I had no clarity, no road map, no idea how to do anything and now, I have a full course that I'm building. I'd do it all over again 1,000 times. I mean it!" 

- Emily Stewart: Founder of Walking Worthy Ministries

"I mean it when I say this course changed my life."


From stay at home mom raising 4 under 4...

to a 6 figure photographer, 6 figure mastermind leader, and 7 figure online educator...

boutique owner, and Airbnb host..

 It's my mission to help other Christian mamapreneurs step into their calling and build a life and business that glorifies God. 

Hey, I'm Brittany!

believer, wife, mom to 4,
christian business leader and educator

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i'm so ready!