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Christian business

Educating and Equipping Women to Do the Thing They are Called to Do


A membership designed to take your life, faith, and calling to the next level by equipping you with education, mentoring, and accountability! 

The goal and mission of Christian Business Collective is to know Him intimately and make Him known with who He has called us to be!

This membership includes...

business Success path

Is there a step by step business plan? YES! 

As you join the membership, you will have access to a 5 step business plan that will help you get started and follow through! 

1. The Clarity Circle
2. Branding and Business Set Up
3. Creating Products and Services 
4. Marketing and Sales
5. Growth and Outsourcing


Join Brittany LIVE every Thursday for a members only mentoring and coaching.

You have SO many questions, but who can you ask? 
You go to google and youtube to only leave MORE confused than when you started the search! 

Join me every week for the answers to your questions! 

new trainings

Each month you'll receive a new training to grow your business! 

Social Media
Content Creating
The Vision Board
Time Management 
Life Balance

Invitation to the Christian Business Conference

What if there was a time and place you could come together with fellow believers and entrepreneurs for worship, preaching, and teaching!? 

Join us at the conference in 2024! 

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Accountability and Community

When we step forward in doing the thing we're called to do... one of the most IMPORTANT things is to FIND YOUR PEOPLE!! 

Meet likeminded women JUST LIKE YOU!

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Members Only Discount Codes

Need Jesus Apparel and Bible Study Resources?
Say no more. 
We have all the things to help you LOVE your time in the Word and help you be a walking testimony of your faith! 


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Daily Bible Reading Plan 

Inductive Bible Study Method

The Prayer Guide

The New Testament Guide 

The Jesus First Interactive Ebook

Bible Study Topical Reference Guide


Christian Business Conference


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One of the BIGGEST reasons why Christians to go full speed into getting into the Bible is because they just DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START! 

Having a Daily Bible Reading Plan is an anchor point in your time with Jesus!

The Holy Spirit will turn the wheel, hit the gas, or put on the breaks, but your DBR plan will start the engine! 

Daily Bible Reading

The results...

He calls. He equips. He sends. Luke 9:1

God is calling you to a life of surrender and obedience. 
He is calling you to move forward in your business and ministry, and with that, comes a changed life. 

It's the adventure of surrender that He is inviting you to! 

Are you ready!? 

a changed life

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most isolating things you can do. 

But God doesn't call us to be isolated, He calls us to be together in community. 

Surrounding yourself with other Christian women in business who will understand you, support you, and encourage you, is one of the most LIFE GIVING things you can do!! 

friends that support you

What if you could build and grow a business around your life, instead of building a life around your business? 

This is possible when you let God take control and allow Him to lead you... 

A life and business you LOVE. 

a business you love

The Business Success Path

New Monthly Trainings

Personal Coaching and Weekly Direct Access to Brittany 

Private Facebook Group Community 


Invitation to the Christian Business Conference (coming 2024)

Discount codes to Shop Brittany Bruce: Jesus Resources and Apparel

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founding members

this membership is right for you if...

You're ready to start that business that's been in your heart for years!

You're ready to GROW your business and honor God in it! 

You're ready to finally have clarity and vision for where God is calling you. 

You want to feel equipped and confident moving forward in your 'God Thing'.

You want a mentor to help you get unstuck and answer your questions.

You want to have support and community of like-minded women who walk along side of you!

christian business collective educates and equips women to do the thing god is calling them to do!

Ready to join us!?

We are here for you! 

I'm so there!

After learning how to spend daily time in the Word, I was able to hear from God and have peace during the big decisions that we faced!

- Katie S.

I was able to truly lean into my own spiritual gifts to start serving in ministry and finally feeling fulfilled.

- naomi s.

I begrudgingly started journaling for the first time and let me tell you, I now look forward to what words God is going to give me every morning! 

- susanna W.

I’ve been journaling & using the resources as I read scripture and now have a better understanding of what it’s saying!

- kaylee b..

Questions & Answers

How long do I have access to the resources and Trainings?

You will get IMMEDIATE access to everything this membership has to offer.

And you'll receive anything we add to the membership in the future. 

what religion do you base your community off of?

We don't believe in religion. We believe in an intimate relationship with Jesus! As Christians, we use our faith as the foundation of everything we do, so the way we teach will be based upon principles from the Bible and the teachings of Jesus! 

So it's only $20 to get the full membership?

Founding members will have the opportunity to get locked in to Founding Members pricing! 
No matter how much the price goes up in the future, Founding Members will only pay $20/month as long as they are a member! 

Join now and cancel anytime! 

This membership community has been on my heart for a really long time, but the time to launch it out to the world wasn't right, until now! 

And I know you have a big God-sized dream in your heart too.

He's been pursuing you for months, maybe even years to start it up and get it going. But the time wasn't right, you were waiting for things to slow down, or you may have just been down right scared of doing it! 

There may have been fear or the time, money, and effort it would take. 
There may have been fear over what your friends or family might think.
This thing requires risk, vulnerability, and sacrifice. 

I get it. 
And that's why I've created this community.

To walk along side of you and to help you DO the thing with confidence, boldness, and a plan to take action!! 

I'm so glad you're here.

Let's do this together. 

meet your fearless leader

jesus obsessed.
Business coach. Mastermind leader.
online educator.
mama to 4 & now living the dream at the beach!

Ready to join us?

LUKE 9:1

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