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The Bible Study 101 Course

You keep hearing that in order to have a relationship with Jesus you need to get in the Word! OK! Great! But HOW?
What does that mean and where do I start? 
You don't need a seminary degree to go DEEP into scripture!

Grab it now!

Clarity in Your Calling Workshop

The Great Commission Jesus says to know Him and make Him known! 
We ALL have a specific calling and in that calling we need to be a living testimony!
But what are we called to do? 
How do we figure this out!? 
Uncover YOUR calling with this course! 

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Selah Revival Retreat

In the busy, fast paced world we live in, God commands us to slow down, pause, and focus on Him so we can clearly hear His voice. Brittany walks you through the what, when, where, and how to Selah with Jesus so you can feel Revival in your life! 

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Christian Business Collective

Ready to do the thing and and get too legit to quit? 
I got you, friend! 
Get excited because this membership will CHANGE YO LIFE! 

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The Knowledge Business Course

You've got knowledge that people NEED and want! 
Let's package up what you know into an online course and get PAID for what you KNOW! 

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The Brittany Bruce Mastermind

The membership model is taking over the world! From Netflix to your car wash membership, this is where the you can make month after month income with your product, service, or knowledge based business! 

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The Photography 101 Course

You have a camera, now what?!
Learn my step by step and simplified approach to learning how to shoot like a professional!
Skip the $40,000 photography degree and take this self-paced course instead! 


The Posing Course

"What do I do with my hands?"
The scariest part about photography is posing people in a way that they look natural! 
Learn how to coach your clients effortlessly so they will have fun in their session and  LOVE their photos!

yes and amen

The Business and Branding Course

Too legit to quit!
It's time to make some money honey!
Learn how to start, grow, and scale your photography business! 
From getting legal, to building a personal brand, social media, and getting clients..
it's all in this course! 


The Mini Session Course

Mini Session Madness is a REAL thing!
Learn how to make the MOST amount of money in the LEAST amount of time with Mini Sessions!
Learn my Mini Session Posing System, pricing model, and booking system!


The Natural Flash Course

Flash is your Friend!
The biggest pain point for photographers is knowing how to use their flash! 
This course will help you become CONFIDENT in ANY lighting situation and excited to use your flash! 


The Brittany Bruce Photo Academy

Want them ALL? Of course you do!
We've bundled up the courses into one big curriculum called
The Brittany Bruce Photo Academy! 
Get ALL 5 courses plus a private community of photographers to connect and grow with!
(SAVE $78) 

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Christian Business Collective! 


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