Find and Shoot in Diffused Backlighting

December 28, 2020

I want to talk about my favorite type of light…diffused backlighting!


Diffused backlighting is when you have trees or another object behind your subject, filtering the sun.

Finding it is super easy!

The first thing that we look for is the sun. This will help us determine which direction we want our client to face. You always want them to face away from the sun.

The second thing we look for is the diffuser…like a tree.

Next, you look for open shade. (Which is when there’s a lot of sky in front of/above our clients) Open shade causes you to have a secondary light filling the shadows on your subjects face.

Lastly, look for those speckled spots of sunlight on the ground. That’s where you’ll want to place your subject to acheive diffused backlighting.


Another thing that I like to do when I work with diffused backlighting is bring my reflector.


It will cause the sunlight to hit the reflector and bounce back a white, beautiful, clean light back in our subject face. 

(Interested in other uses for a reflector? Check out my blog post here!)

Hope this helps, friend!

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xo, Brittany


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