The Online  Educator's 
beach retreat

Equipping christian ONLINE educator's on how to build courses, earn passive income, all while at the beach!

Come join a small group of like-minded educators who come together to help each other grow their business, move faster, work smarter, and share resources and secrets that no one ever does. 

This group is for online educators who are READY to take their knowledge and put it out into the world! 

They are willing to not only put in the work to make their dreams a reality, but also help their mastermind do the same!

 This is a community where we push each other to do things we wouldn't normally have the confidence to do on our own.
This is a place where dreams become visions that become goals. 

This is a place where goals become actions. And where actions become a new way of life. 

This Online Educator's Beach Retreat will truly be the first step to the most LIFE CHANGING chapter of your business!

Time for Growth

a 4 day  retreat for christian educators that are ready to grow their online business + impact!

Living with your true purpose by creating a brand and life that honors who you were created to be.

Finding your tribe, finally having that person you can bounce business ideas off of. Your retreat friends will become like sisters! 

Having an unlimited income potential, a more impactful business. To charge prices that you are worth! 
To make MORE money than your 9-5 doing something you LOVE. 

Being able to have your dream job, being able to use your God given talents to serve your community, and spending more time with love ones and less time behind your computer.

Just imagine...

what if you could have success doing something you 

Most educators know want they want to teach, but have no clue how to get there.. or how to even become that person that they so desire to be.

Through this 4 day mastermind retreat we break down walls, we overcome barriers, and we dive deep into the HOW to build an education empire to 6-7 figures!

 Because here is the truth, God created us to be fruitful and multiply. This includes our knowledge and what we know! 

We need to help others. Lead others.
Teach others how to do what it is that we do well! 


Build and grow their online platforms!

Build their email list to sell their future online products!

Create course outlines and speaking frameworks!

Create, Launch, and Scale their first of many online courses!

Host their first workshop, retreat, or in person training with success!

my students will be able to:


number of courses i've created


Passive income i've made through online education

7 figures

number of in person events i've hosted


cups of coffee that will be consumed the next 6 months 


the business + life of your dreams

Online Education doesn't have to be complicated, stressful, or lonely. It may in fact be the best opportunity to ever happen to you and your family! You just have to have the courage to make it happen! 

You deserve to have

"After spending time with Brittany & my mastermind sisters, I became on fire to live out my purpose!"

— Aleshia F

"The Retreat, alone, was life changing, and that's no exaggeration!"

This is for you if...

let me tell ya about the women I serve!

You are Ready to create the life of your dreams with passive income!

You are seeking a community of women who GET IT.  You are seeking that big-time accountability. 

You are all about getting of the fast track to making your dreams a reality. 

You need a team of mentors, someone to guide you, step by step, in the right direction for YOU. 

You know the power of proximity: growth happens when you are around others who are also growing and  pushing you forward. 

You have decided that teaching and educating is where God is calling you... for a new life for you and your family. 

Let's dive in.

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You are ready to use your God-given abilities to love and serve your communities. 

You're ready to be a successful and sought after educator.

You don't waste a single second wishing for your dreams to come true. You DO it. 

You are unstoppable and you are ready to surround yourself with women who are just like you. 

Who You Are...

Workshops and training

What's included:


Day 1: Morning
Building Your Education Brand

Day 1: Afternoon
Building Your Email List and Platforms

Day 2: All Day
Outline and Create Your Online Course

Day 3: Morning 
Launch Your Course for Maximum Profit

Day 3: Afternoon
The Passive Income Machine 

Day 4: Morning
Teach Your Class

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private community 

Professional headshots will be taken for you and your education business! 

You will be joined with your other mastermind sisters months before the retreat to meet them, ask questions, and share resources with one another! 

This community will also be SO beneficial to you after the retreat!

We will be staying in Orange Beach, Alabama in a BEAUTIFUL gulf front beach house! 
This is where we will learn, grow, and dig deep into your life and new education business! 
Breakfast, snacks, and dinners will be provided! 

plus the millions of conversations we will have in between

Praise Hands

Brittany helped me go full time in my biz last year! You HAVE to join the mastermind! It will change your life!"

God has so many amazing things that He is doing through Brittany. She wants you to succeed in every aspect of your life and business. This mastermind was THE best thing I've ever done for myself. 
I know I am going to soar and Brittany is going to help me.. not only that- I have 14 other photography sisters that are going to push me forward. I walked into the mastermind wondering if I was good enough.. and now I can say YES YES YES. I AM. 

ashley a.

"Brittany helped me figure out my niche and how to find my dream clients, and I am FINALLY living out my dreams"

I was so apprehensive about joining a group of women who were complete strangers, and I honestly didn't know if it would help my business. But within the first week of joining the mastermind program my confidence, view, and photography  COMPLETELY changed because of the assignments Brittany had us do before we even went to the retreat!  I am not the same person I was just a few months ago. Thanks to this mastermind! 

emily s.

"I've found my niche and started attracting my DREAM CLIENTS!"

I had been shooting weddings for a while, but needed help growing. With this mastermind I have learned so much about ME as a photographer and business owner, as well as WHO I am serving and the kind of experience I want to provide my clients based upon my brand. 
I love my new mastermind sisters and so thankful to have them as my support! 

Stephanie w.

"After spending time with Brittany & my mastermind sisters, I became on fire to live out my purpose!"

As a mom, one of the hardest things to do is to invest in YOUR dreams! By signing up for the BB Mastermind I picked me and I have NO REGRETS! I learned so much about my business and how to make my dreams come alive! Without Brittany I would have put my camera down by now and never knew what I could have accomplished. 

dani j.

"The Retreat, alone, was life changing, and that's no exaggeration!"

 Brittany, stretched us, inspired us, loved on us and encouraged us! She had me think of things about life in general, that I had never thought about before! By going to the retreat, it has brought something out of me that I never thought I had! Thank you Brittany for allowing God to use you to do these Masterminds!!

aleshia f.

"Working with Brittany changed my life in BIGGER ways than I can ever express with words!"

Being able to participate in the mastermind with Brittany was hands down the best thing I could have done for me and my business. She gave me direction and showed me how to set solid goals AND what to do to achieve them. Brittany pours her heart and soul into you and your business at the mastermind and beyond and truly wants to see you achieve you goals. I will forever be thankful for the experience!

erika k.