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January 5, 2021

Happy New Year to each and every single one of you!

I hope you have your goals for 2021 in place and are actively taking the daily steps in order to achieve them! No one really knows what this year holds, especially with the craziness and unpredictability of 2020. You have two choices this year: you can either continue to let the effects of 2020 determine your future or you can get in the driver seat and steer yourself in the direction you want to go. In 2021, you will be only as good as the sum of the thoughts in your own head. This week I wanted to touch on “Eliminating Negative Thoughts & Influences In Your Life.”

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Have you heard the cliche, “if you believe it you can achieve it”?

Yes this is so true but only partly true. You can believe something all day long but if you don’t put what you believe into practice you will never get the results you are looking for. A classic example is getting into shape; so many people (like myself) make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight. Statistically, the vast majority of people give up on their weight loss goals by mid January. I, for one, have set my goal to lose 30 lbs by the summer of 2021. I did my first P90X workout this AM and boy I’m wiped out!! When I woke up, I had many negative thoughts enter my head! “You can’t do P90X anymore! You’re not 21 years old anymore, you’re 33!” “I’m too busy to block out an hour of my day; I could be working and being productive instead”.

It’s time to start eliminating negative thoughts. Guys, you have to prioritize what’s important to you, and block everything else out! Those negative thoughts will bring you down and defeat you! I personally am determined to achieve my goal and NOTHING will get in my way. I deserve it! My kids deserve a healthy energetic dad. My wife deserves someone who is up for anything and not tired (also stop snoring lol).

Yes, you are the KEY determining factor on whether you will be successful in 2021!

Your thoughts, your actions, your habits, and your mindset will result in either the best year of your life or the stagnancy of your life. Apart from yourself, the negative influence of others will drag you down! You may have big goals like to make 6 figures, quit your 9-5, become an educator, start your own business, become the premiere photographer in your community. Those are all amazing goals! But…if you surround yourself with negative people who tell you it’s not possible or that you’re not good enough, your success will be sorely affected. Do you need to eliminate these people from your life? No. But, you do need to put them at very much arm’s length.

When you are an entrepreneur, people in the “corporate world” don’t understand you.

Oftentimes, they want to keep you where they are. Don’t let them! You deserve more! You deserve better! God has called us to live ABUNDANTLY in Christ, not to be imprisoned in a life you hate! If you don’t like your current life situation, take steps today to change it! Don’t wait until tomorrow! People who wait until tomorrow are the ones who get left behind! Eliminating negative thoughts is step one to this process.

You want to know the ultimate place to get the encouragement, growth, strength, mindset, and success you need?

It’s in the Brittany Bruce Education FB group and all the course groups! These ladies/men are on FIRE and blowing it up out there! Take ACTION today my friend! Be uncomfortable, be vulnerable, be the real YOU that’s inside your body begging to come out! This morning during my workout, I felt so nauseous and dizzy! I knew that would happen even before I started, but I knew I would be uncomfortable for just a few short minutes and that taking action will get me to where I want to be: fit and healthy!

Today is the day! Join the BB education group and if you’re not in the Photo Academy already get started today! Your life will never be the same!

Have a blessed week!

All our love,

The Bruce Family

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