Five Places You Can Sell Your Products and Services Online

December 9, 2022

Today, I’m going to share 5 places that you can sell your online products. These are different platforms that I’ve personally used and loved for my own business. Before we dive in, make sure to take advantage of the free resources below and download them to help with your business journey.

Here are 5 places where you can begin to sell your online products:

1. Shopify

Shopify is the e-commerce platform that I used when I first launched my Comfy Chic boutique online. I obviously had all the clothes delivered to my house but I would upload images of them to my Shopify store. The cool thing about Shopify too is that it did everything for me. It collected payments, emails, and even gave me a website that looked clean and professional. Within just a few days, I was able to plug in numbers, upload images, and go! It was literally so easy for me. So if you have products you want to start selling online, I 10/10 recommend Shopify.

2. Kajabi

The second place I suggest for selling products online is Kajabi. This is where I store all of my online courses and host my online membership platform. This is literally the best place to build a course and sell it! Similar to Shopify, Kajabi can also let allow you to host a website for your business too.

Additionally, Kajabi can collect emails and hosts the courses as well where all you have to do is take videos like this one above, upload it, and they deliver it to those who purchase it. They take care of the logins, customer analytics, and more. It’s literally an all in one platform. If you’re into online education, business coaching, or if you want an online membership of any kind, check out Kajabi.

3. Showit

If all you need is a website and you may not need an e-commerce platform yet like a Shopify or Kajabi, Showit is my #1 go to. It’s the most beautiful website platform but it does have a learning curve. And so if you’re not tech savvy, I wouldn’t recommend it being the first website platform you get. I’d recommend Wix or Squarespace first. However, if you are tech savvy and you’re a quick learner, Showit is a great tool!

All you need to do is purchase your domain, connect it to your Wix or Squarespace or Showit account and then add your services on a page with the price. Then have a form people can reach out to you on. From there, you can share the link to your site on your social media, blogs, YouTube videos, and anywhere else that might be pertinent. Having a website is a very simple way to start getting your online products in front of people

4. Etsy

The next place you can host your products online is Etsy. I’ll go ahead and tell you, I don’t have a lot of familiarity with Etsy and haven’t really used it much. Furthermore, I do have a lot of friends who swear by Etsy. So if you’re a creative or you have products or things you can sell online, check out Etsy.

5. Honeybook

Finally, the last place where you can host and sell your online products is Honeybook. I’m primarily talking to my photographers, service based businesses, online coaches, business coaches, etc. Honeybook is literally an all in one platform that takes care of your customers. I call her “my secretary”. Honeybook keeps track of payments, contracts, proposals, questionnaires, invoices and so much more! I use Honeybook specifically for my online coaching business. With Honeybook, I can send out my coaching questionnaires, send my invoices, create email templates, and more.

There you have it! Those are the 5 places I recommend if you have products to sell online, where you start. I hope you found this video valuable and have some easy takeaways. Know too that everything recommended above are great platforms so you can rest easy. As always, if you have any questions or thoughts you’d like to share, leave a comment below.

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