Four Places to Sell Your Products THIS WEEK!

December 5, 2022

In today’s video, I’m gonna give you four places that you can sell your physical products this week and make some money. You might be surprised to see some of they places I suggest but they are places that I’ve personally seen people sell their own products or I’ve sold my own there.

Before we dive in together, make sure to take advantage of the free resources below. These downloads include a checklist, workbook, and a free Facebook community to help you in your business journey.

1. Farmer’s Market

The first place you can begin looking into is your local farmer’s market. This is a great place to get started if you’re just starting out or trying to get your feet wet. Reach out to your local farmers market and see if you can begin selling a few of your products. My best friend Jessica did this with her earring business on Saturday mornings and she literally sold out of everything every single weekend.

So if you simply take a little bit of a time to setup a tent, layout your products, and start getting things out to the world, you can easily begin to bring in an extra stream of income.

2. Local Vendor Store

If you have boutiques, grocery stores, or other places in your town that are selling products, reach out and see if you can start selling your products in their store. When we had Comfy Chic Boutique in Watson, Louisiana, I had five different vendors in my shop selling their products. I paid the rent and what they did is they gave me 15% of their total sales each week. We used our system in Shopify to keep track of all the purchases and sales. At the end of every week, we sent them a Venmo of how much money they made and we took 15% from that.

The vendor, boutique, or shop that you take your products to will probably take a small percentage so you can expect that. If you don’t have the funds to get a lease space, and want to sell your products more than once a week, team up with a local vendor. Establishing relationships with business owners will go a long way and will get your business out to your community.

3. Selling Out of Your Home

Ok, so hear me out. This can get complicated, especially with kids but I’m a testimony to this. Comfy Chic Boutique started out of my own home. I took Bonnie’s old bedroom and made it into a little boutique room. I would make all my products, do all the selling, and all my marketing in that one little room. Occasionally, I would have people reach out to me to see if they could come over to shop and buy right there which was fun! We’d setup a time for them to come over, they’d shop, and I would hang out on my couch and watch my kids while they tried on different things. Oftentimes they left with a pile of clothes because it was like a boutique shopping experience for them.

There’s nothing wrong with selling your products out of your home. You just need to setup something that would make sense with your lifestyle, your kids, or your work schedule.

4. Get a Lease Space

This is the last and final place that I’ll share because I know this can get expensive. But if you work with a realtor, they can help you find an affordable lease base. Here’s my biggest piece of advice, because I’ve gone through this process multiple times. My biggest piece of advice is figure out your budget first and make sure you’ve saved up enough money for three months rent. This will give you confidence as you’ll know the budget of what you’re looking for in a lease space. You want to be sure to do this BEFORE you sign a lease.

And so, if you’re ready to start selling your products, consider starting to sell them at one of these places listed above. I hope you found this video helpful and if you have any questions or thoughts, leave a comment below. I’m an open book as fat as my experience in selling in these place.

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