Four Steps to Find Open Shade

September 8, 2019

Alright guys! If you read about The ONE Light You Need to Shoot in as a Beginner Photographer, then you know that open shade is the light and place you need to place your clients and MASTER that before you ever start to branch out to backlighting, full sun, or split light!

So I’m sure you’re wondering.. how in the world do I find this magical light?

Well here are FOUR steps on how to find open shade!

  1. Shoot during golden hour

Golden hour is 1-2 hours before sunset and 1-2 hours after the sunrises! This is when the sun is the softest and lowest point in the sky AND when Open Shade is ALL OVER the place!

2. Find the Sun

Okay, so now that you are in golden hour.. the next thing to do is find the sun! Once you find the sun, you will know that your subject will be facing away from the sun!

3. Look on the Ground for Shade

The next thing you’ll do is look at the ground!! Why? Because there you will easily find shade!! So you now have your clients during golden hour, away from the sun, and in the shade!! The next step is…

4. Look Up.

The last and final step to making sure you are in open shade, is to look up. Can you see the sky? If the answer is YES! Then WAHBAM! Your in awesome light and you’re ready to shoot!

So now you know HOW to find open shade, your eyes will automatically be drawn to this type of light and you will be constantly looking and finding it all over the place!!

Its also takes a TON of pressure off on knowing exactly where to shoot!!

When you are location scouting… what you are really doing is LIGHT SCOUTING!

Its totally game changing and I am SO excited for you to learn this crazy secret that pro photographers don’t always share!!!

And thats it my friends!!! I hope this helps!!

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