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December 29, 2020

Happy Tuesday, friend!

This week is Christmas week!!! I don’t know about y’all but Christmas time brings me such joy, peace, and thankfulness. Depending on where you live, you may be enjoying fresh snow and if you live down south you can only wish for a white Christmas! It’s a season of giving gifts, time, and love to your family and those in need. Ultimately, we cannot forget the REAL reason for the season and that’s the birth of our amazing savior Jesus! This week I wanted to talk to you about “Fulfilling Your Calling In Life”.

This time of year we celebrate the birth of Christ and remembering the struggles surrounding His birth.

An angel appeared to Mary in a dream to tell her that she would bare the Savior of the world and that she would call him Jesus. Mary was a virgin and engaged to her fiancé Joseph. Once the seed of Jesus was placed in Mary, she became pregnant and not married. Back in those days, women were stoned to death for what they would have claimed as “adultery” since she and Joseph did not “have relations” before marriage. Upon hearing of the birth of Christ, King Herod (who was fearful that Jesus would overthrow him) ordered all babies under the age of 2 to be killed.

So what happened?

As a result, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream to take his wife Mary and newborn son Jesus and flee to Egypt until Herod’s reign ended. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph didn’t have an easy start in their calling. Just imagine trying to protect the son of God from those evil ones who wanted him dead.

“Ultimately, we know the calling of Jesus’ life on this earth was to sacrifice his life on the cross to wipe away all sins of mankind”

Ultimately, we know the calling of Jesus’ life on this earth was to sacrifice his life on the cross to wipe away all sins of mankind, to be the atonement for our wrongdoings and pay the price that we couldn’t pay for ourselves. Jesus had many challenges in his 33 years of life: Satan tempting him during his 40 days of fasting, the religious men continually trying to outsmart him, one of his disciples betraying him, and being beaten and ridiculed more than anyone in human history. Despite every temptation and every trial that Jesus faced, He never took his eye off the mission and calling for his life on this earth. Although we will NEVER achieve what Jesus did during our life on this earth, we can still strive to be like Him and work towards fulfilling our calling like He did.

Are you fulfilling your calling in life?

What is your calling? Are you letting the temptations, trials, hardships, and pain in life stop you from doing what you know you were called to do?

As a photographer, you are called to serve your community and clients by providing an amazing photography experience and images that create lasting memories. Some of you may feel called to fulfill your calling by becoming an educator or specializing in weddings/boudoir/seniors. Are you taking the necessary steps to fulfill that calling and purpose in your life?

I want to encourage you today before Christmas Day comes to take time to access and reflect on what’s your calling in life.

Take time to write down a plan and steps to achieve that calling. When times get tough and you feel like quitting, think about Jesus. What if he quit? What if he didn’t fulfill His purpose? We wouldn’t be reconciled with God and wouldn’t have the precious gift of eternal life in Heaven.

Thank God that Jesus didn’t lose track of his purpose and didn’t stray from his goal. Friends, model your life after Jesus and don’t get off the path you are meant to be on!!

Merry Christmas BB Education family, enjoy your week and cherish each moment you have with the ones you love!

With so much love,

The Bruce Family

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