What is Your God-Given Superpower?

September 30, 2022

How do you respond?

When God calls you to do something that you KNOW in your heart is what you’re suppose to do… how do you respond? This has been something that has fascinated me for years, which explains my love for reality tv shows and true crime documentaries! How we all respond to something, is apart of who we are. It’s apart of how God made us, mixed with our life experiences, the season of life we’re in, and of course, the tugging of the Holy Spirit! 

I’m a Sky-Diver

From my own experience, I’ve noticed that I typically sky dive into whatever I’m called to do. When an opportunity or open door presents itself, and The Holy Spirit gives me a peace that I never quite understand, I don’t waste time or question it- I just jump out of the plane and pray that God takes care of the logistics like He has promised in 

His Word. So when I see my friends, family, or students act in a different way, I’m TOTALLY confused and wonder if I’m just the crazy one? Or if they are? Or if either one of us is crazy! Over the years I’ve noticed there are 4 ways people respond to something they feel called to, or an opportunity presented to them! Do you want to know what type of responder you are? 

Ready to Find Out Your Superpower?

I’ve created a fun quiz for you to find out! It’s 10 questions and will take you 60 seconds! Click the link below to find out, and what God wants you to know about how He created you!

What is Your God-Given Super Power Quiz

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