How to Batch Edit in Lightroom

September 7, 2019

Ok guys! Are you ready for your MINDS TO BE BLOWN!

Just kidding.. but FO REAL. When I first started out learning #allthethings.. this was the biggest game changer ever.. and was mad at myself for a solid month for not learning it sooner.

So if you’re reading this and you already batch edit.. congrats, you are a time saver like me.. if you have no clue what batch editing is.. then buckle up. Because I am about to change your entire life!

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What is batch editing?

Batch editing is when you take the same images in the same lighting and camera setting situation, and just edit ONE picture.. than apply those same editing settings to the other 10 images that are similar to it with just one click!


So! Lets say you did a family mini session… and you never changed your camera settings, and they remained in the exact same light for the entire 20 minutes. You then culled down the raw images to the top 20! You’re ready to edit! So! You first apply your preset upon import (you can find out how to do that HERE)… then you make the exposure, and white balance adjustments to the first image. THEN all you would do from there is click the edited image… then SYNC those settings to the other 19 images! Then BOOM you are basically done! You are editing 20 images by really just editing and tweaking ONE! Its magic!

So here is how its done!

Batch Editing Steps:

  1. Go to the Develop Module in Lightroom
  2. Choose ONE image and edit it to perfection.
  3. Then.. press COMMAND and then click the other photos that were taken in the same light with the same camera settings. (Hold COMMAND, Click image  2, Click image 3)
  4. Then at the bottom right corner in the Develop Module click SYNC.
  5. Watch the thumbnail images begin to edit!

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