How to Shoot on an Overcast Day

January 25, 2021

The biggest lie you’ve been told in your photography career:

Ok, friends. I’ve taught you how to shoot in natural light, diffused backlight, harsh light…now let’s talk about how to shoot on an overcast day!

The biggest lie you’ve ever been told is that you can shoot ANYWHERE on an overcast day. This is so false.

However, you can get beautiful photos on cloudy days but you have to know where to place your clients!


Your main goal to shooting on an overcast day.

Your main goal is to find the sun and have your clients face it!

But Brittany…it’s behind the clouds and I have no clue where to find it.

I’ve got you, friend. All you have to do is put your hand out in front of you. Then you turn into a circle and whenever you see the least amount of shadows, that’s where you want your clients.

Need a visual? Watch me demonstrating shooting on a cloudy day here!

Another way to find the sun is to whip out your iPhone, turn the camera on selfie mode, and turn until you see the least amount of shadows under your eyes. If you are seeing dark shadows under your eyes, you know that you’re going to get muddy skin tones. When you see bright beautiful light under you eyes, THEN you know you’ve found the sun and this is the direction you want your client facing.

I know it can feel weird doing these things in front of your client so you can either do it before they get there or just explain to them that while you might look funny, you’re making sure you have in the PERFECT light for their session.

And I promise they will appreciate that;)

xoxo, Brittany

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