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February 23, 2021

Marketing Efficiently

Yes..Marketing efficiently can be a struggle. The number one goal is to be clear in your message.
‘Being clear in your messaging’, what the heck does that mean?
As a business owner, your #1 goal is booking clients and make money right?
Well, what is the process your clients are stepping through in order to book you? Is it your website, an inquiry form, a Facebook ad, or Instagram/FB post?
However your clients are finding you, they are looking for a solution for their problem. What do they want? Pictures right? Well, of course! But….they are looking for more than “just pictures”. They are looking for an experience, something that makes them feel comfortable, and a photographer they can relate to and trust.

Every potential client/customer is looking for 3 simple things:

What do you offer, how is your offer going to solve their problem, and how can they purchase your solution to their problem.
Does your advertisement and website answer these 3 things? If not, you’re likely not marketing efficiently and probably having a hard time booking. If your clients are confused, you lose! Trust me, Brittany and I struggle with this too! We are always tweaking our messaging to where our focus isn’t what we are saying but rather what are our clients hearing. If you can simplify your offers and packages, make them concise, understandable, relatable, and desirable, you cannot lose!
I want to challenge you this week to go through your website, your posts, your instagram Bio, your FB business page, and most importantly, your pricing guide and packages.. and look at all your messaging! What are you conveying and how are your customers interpreting what you’re trying to say?
I’m also taking my own challenge this week: auditing our website, funnels, sales pages, and ad copy. As business owners, our # 1 goal needs to be making our message so simple, that even a caveman can understand it! If they don’t understand us and our offers, how can we service them and change their lives…not possible!
What’s your struggles with messaging and websites? Join our Facebook community to join the discussion!
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