brittany bruce online photography education for beginners

Marketing Your Photography Business – 1 Quick Tip

March 1, 2021

Are you trying to improve your marketing for your photography business? You’re ready to fill your calendar, right? The point of marketing is to get seen by your ideal client. So exactly how do we do that?

brittany bruce online photography education for beginners

One Method for Marketing for Your Photography Business

Have you tried method after method and just getting frustrated with marketing in general? I’m so excited to share this EASY method!

One of my favorite tips to tell my students is to be using hashtags!! We live in the 21st century and everyone uses hashtags so you’re probably thinking “duhhhh, Brittany”.

But hear me out…there’s different strategies you can be doing to use them effectively!

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The System

The first step to using hashtags to market your photography business is you should be using all thirty available hashtags. Not 10, not 17, not 28….allllll thirty!

This is the “google search” of Instagram which is why you want to use every opportunity to get seen by your ideal client!

If you love systems, like I do, you’re going to love this next part.

Coming up with the hashtags might have you feeling a little frazzled so let me share with you my fool proof formula to choosing and using those hashtags.

First, 10 location specific hashtags.

Second, 10 niche specific hashtags.

Third, 10 industry specific hashtags.

When you break it down into these subtypes, it makes it a whole lot easier to come up with these hashtags and in turn, get seen by your ideal client!

So what’s the point?

The point of using hashtags is so that you can get seen by those searching instagram for photographers in their area. When you hashtag #yourlocationphotographer, you are more likely to get seen by your ideal client!

When using the location specific hashtags, be sure and hashtag specific venues or locations you shoot at that people might be searching to find their photographer!

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