One Habit I Changed That Helps Me Fall Asleep

May 16, 2019

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When you are an obsessed entrepreneur trying to grow your business, it’s sometimes hard to fall asleep…

Heck, if you are a mom who is thinking about raising her kids in the world we live in  and how she can save money making her own laundry detergent, its sometimes hard to fall asleep…

When you have the disease, FOMO, and are constantly wondering what kind of gossip you’re missing on social media, its sometimes hard to fall asleep…

When you just finished folding the laundry for the 4th time today and you’re wondering how in the world your family alone can dirty the laundry of a small country, its sometimes hard to fall asleep…

And when you’re life is all the above.. it’s REALLY hard to fall asleep.

Thomas and I always go to bed at the same time.. its just what we do.

So when our heads hit the pillow and 30 seconds later I hear him snoring, it totally pisses me off. Like HOW in the world do you not have your mind spiraling around in 100 different directions like I do!?
So what did I do?

I grabbed my phone.

And scrolled.

For hours.

I wasted SO much of my life scrolling and falling into the Instagram rabbit hole where I somehow ended up purchasing a Kylie Lip Kit?!

I don’t even wear lipstick!!

I knew enough was enough.

I was tired of waking up feeling exhausted when Tom just popped out of bed like a kid at Christmas.

And I decided to do the UNTHINKABLE.

I put my phone to charge…. IN. THE. KITCHEN.


Am I 72 years old?!

Only old people do this!

But I did.


I slept like a freakin baby!

Put my phone to charge in the kitchen changed my life.

Go ahead..make fun of me.. but it totally works and I’m never going back!

I honestly can’t tell you the science behind it.. I’m sure someone reading this is shaking their head because they know exactly why I sleep better without my phone next to my bedside.. but for now- I’m cool with just knowing that it works.

So. If you’re like me and have the worst time falling asleep which resorts to you staying up until midnight scrolling Facebook world?

I DARE you to put your phone in the kitchen before you head to bed.

Life. Changing.

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