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a leadership podcast  for Christian women

THe Brittany bruce show

Featuring guest interviews, raw & relatable solo episodes, and tangible action steps to keep you chasing after JESUS!

This podcast is to help you slow your roll, rest in Jesus, and boldly pursue the things God is calling you to do! 

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I'm not holding back, and I'm  lifting the curtain on the good, the bad, and the ugly of what it looks like to pursue Jesus on a daily basis. 

we get really really real.

You can sit with us! 
Come join the conversation of what it looks like to walk in boldness and fully surrendering to what God is calling us to do. 

it's like chatting with a girlfriend

We don't like to shy away from the Truth of God's Word. Instead, we run to it so we can be fully changed from the inside out! 

not your average christian podcast

What you'll find on the podcast:

- Katie S.

"The spiritual guidance I never knew I needed."

- Ashlyn C.

"This podcast is just awesome. Brittany is inspiring, relatable, & so genuine."

- Naomi D.

"Seriously... the best Christian podcast out there! It's amazing!"

Louisiana born and raised and now living in Orange Beach, Alabama with my sweet husband Thomas and 4 littles! I absolutely love cooking good food, porch time and coffee, binge watching Netflix or diving into a new personal development book!

Most days you can find me in my yoga pants, comfy t-shirt, digging into my bible and uncovering mind blowing discoveries about my Jesus!

I believe in slow mornings, long walks, yummy date nights, and deep conversations with friends! 

My faith is the cornerstone of my life and business.. and being a preacher's daughter- you may hear me preaching truth here and there.. Embrace it. Apply it. And notice the freedom that you can experience in your life and business!

mama bear-teacher-collector of sweatpants 

Host of The Brittany Bruce Show.

Hey friend! I'm brittany.

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Wow! Brittany hits the nail on the head! As a busy mom, I don't have extra time. Love these no nonsense episodes!

Surrendering to God is a daily walk and I'm so grateful for Brittany's guidance with this podcast!

And to be honest, I wasn't a podcast person, because the ones I've listened to are super long (ain't got time for that) or they would be too short and didn't give me any practical tips. I love how real and honest she is and she also gives super helpful resources in helping me better study the Bible for myself. 
The free download was a game changer.  

Stop reading the reviews and go listen! I'm so grateful I found this podcast!

... and how God will use you in ways beyond your wildest imagination. God will do big things through Brittany on this show! Cannot wait to hear all the upcoming episodes!!!

This podcast is a no fluff deep dive into what it looks like when you're fully surrendered... 

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