Don’t Let Setting Deadlines Dictate Your Life | Tuesday’s with Thomas

February 2, 2021

Don’t Let Setting Guidelines Dictate Your Life | Tuesday’s with Thomas

It’s sooo crazy that we are already moving into the month of February! This past week in Brittany Bruce Education has been a busy one!! We have been making tons of changes to websites and Brittany recorded a new free class!! We have been setting a deadline to have everything done by Feb 1 but life happens! We had sick kids last week and hiccups throughout the day that has set back our goal. Saying this, I wanted to talk about “Don’t Let Setting Deadlines Dictate Your Life”.


The Truth About Setting Deadlines

Deadlines are either placed on us by ourselves or by someone else. Pressure is placed to get everything done, to hurry hurry hurry, and work until you basically drop! Although it is very important to set deadlines in general so you actually work toward a goal, you do not want to let it drive you into the ground! I’ve personally noticed myself get anxious and on edge when deadlines are placed, especially if I know it won’t be met. But, I have learned setting strict timelines on yourself can run you nuts and make you become a person you don’t want to be.

Why You Shouldn’t Let Deadlines Dictate Your Life

At the end of the day, it is way more important to maintain your health, your sanity, and your passions than kill yourself working to meet a certain deadline. It is so important to set boundaries in your business knowing that you have prioritized rest, peace, and time to release. Working around the clock will bring about burnout, fatigue, resentment, and loss of desire to continue moving forward. This personally is very hard for me, being type A. I like to get things done and get them done now. But, as I mature in business I am learning how to put things down and slow down the pace. For you, take time to learn your limits and set goals/deadlines that you know are attainable.

I hope each of you have a wonderful week and focus on prioritizing your life and business. Building your business is a marathon, not a race!

Take one day at a time and expect to face complications, roadblocks, and setbacks. Keep moving forward and make time for yourself and your family! Get plugged into the community and make time for you today!

With so much love,

The Bruce Family


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