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client canva templates

up-level your brand with guides

No need for expensive indesign software...
crazy confusing photoshop...
or hiring an expensive graphic designer to create your client guides! 

That is so 2009... 

Thank God we now live in a world with CANVA!

All my templates are created in Canva for YOU so that you can easily access, upload your own images, and tweak the wording so that you can UPLEVEL your brand, business, and client experience! 

Canva is available for anyone with internet, totally for free! 

I believe in simplifying so that you can focus on serving and giving. 

WE USE CANVA templates!

you're gonna be obsessed with these

light and airy bb preset

The was the very first preset Brittany ever created for her luxury bridal brand! 

This Light and Airy preset creates bright whites, deep dimension, rich film-like colors, and gorgeous skin tones! 

The Light and Airy BB preset thrives in light and airy locations like city streets, downtown architecture, open fields, white or pastel walls, deserts, mountains, and indoor lifestyle sessions and is great for wedding photographers!

the  signature preset

bright and vibrant
bb preset

This is the second preset Brittany created for her lifestyle, clean and classic family sessions! 

When she transitioned from shooting mostly weddings, to shooting families, she knew she needed more of a clean and classic look to create gorgeous images for her clients! 

This Bright and Vibrant BB Preset does just that! Brightens the photo, while adding vibrancy to areas that may be dull! 

This preset can be used anywhere and is great for beginner photographers! 

clean and classic

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black and white
bb preset

Ever just need a one click wonder? 

This is what Brittany created with the Black and White BB Preset! 

If you are wanting to give your clients a black and white option, but a million sliders overwhelms you.. 

Stop wasting any more time, energy, and effort, and just add this preset to your portfolio with one click! 

Great for any and every photographer! 

soft and rich

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Photography 101 Guide

Posing Cheat Sheets

Marketing Playbook

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marketing playbook

posing cheat sheets

photography 101 guide

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client templates

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