The FOUR Things I Look for When Location Scouting

September 8, 2019

Okay guys.. this is my exact process when I am location scouting for a photo shoot!! What I look for, what I avoid, and how to choose the exact spot I’m going to place my clients! 

a couple kissing in perfect light for photographs

1. The Sun

This is the first thing I find before I go to any location! Why? Because the sun affects where I will face my clients and where the open shade will fall! So once I find the sun, I then look for..

2. Natural Reflectors

But what in the heck is a natural reflector? This a light ground or white concrete that I can place my subjects on, that will reflect a beautiful light back into the faces of my subject! This is a HUGE secret that will make your images TRANSFORM and your editing will become a breeze!! Natural reflectors are things like light concrete, light gravel, a dirt road, white sand, light bricks, light stones, dead grass, and tall grass!! These are all natural reflectors that you need to be on the look out for so that you can get those gorgeous skin tones and easy edits!

3. Open Shade

If you haven’t already read the blog Four Steps to Find Open Shade click HERE and read this first!! If you have.. Open Shade is the next thing I look for! This is where I want to place my clients because its the most beautiful type of light!  So now I know where the sun is and I place my clients away from the sun, then I have the standing on a natural reflector which will reflect a beautiful, clean light back in their face, and now I have my clients in open shade, which I know is the perfect light for portraits!!  So then the next thing I look for is….

4. Open Space/Depth

This is the last and final thing I look for to make sure my style is consistent in my images! I want to always try to have a football field space length in-between my client and the next landscape behind them! This will help create that “light and airy” style as well as really enhance that creamy dreaminess that your low aperture creates!!

brittany bruce photography educator on how to find the best light to take photographs in


If you are in a city area, another thing I look for are white buildings! Apply steps 1-4 and add this step and boom! You know EXACTLY where to put your clients!!!

And thats it my friends!!! I hope this helps!!

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how to find the best spots for photo shoots

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