The REAL Reason I Started Photography

May 16, 2019

It may come to a shock to some of you… but I didn’t always want to be a photographer.. It was never ever on my radar as far as “what I wanna be when I grow up”.

My answer for this 5th grade essay was always…


There was no back plan. There was no plan B. I was the little girl teaching her teddy bears and barbie dolls because I didn’t have any younger siblings to annoy with my lessons.

So I followed my dream and went to the best college for someone pursuing education. I graduated, got my dream job, decorated my dream yall.. My classroom was legit.

Fast forward a couple years after lots-o-tears driving to the dreaded said classroom..enduring the school day, waiting for 3:00 to roll around.. and staying up all night grading so. many. papers…

I finally got my saving grace.

I got pregnant.

mom with twin babies

Not with one baby. But with TWO!

I felt like it was my way out. My escape from this hell hole I was living.


I decided to be a stay at home mom!


So we cut back in areas to save money! We canceled cable, we meal planned, we quit our gym memberships, we sold Thomas’s beautiful car and got a piece of metal that we could pay in cash! We stopped spending money on date nights. We basically just figured it out, like every other  working American.

Then the twins came.

And yall.. If you’re not a parent yet.. Let me just warn you. Kids are FREAKIN EXPENSIVE. They need soooo much crap.

Fast forward my difficult pregnancies and my first 2 years of being a stay at home mom, and having ANOTHER baby!— (which by the way, being a stay at home mom is the hardest freakin  job in the entire world)

I had to make a change. I was tired of living poor.

I was tired of not being able to go to dinner with my husband.

I was tired of crying every time the babies would poop in a diaper right after I put them in it!

“Joe!! You just waisted 57cents!!!”

(Anyone else have this conversation with their newborn?)

And can I be REAL honest here?!?!

I was tired of being a stay at home mom!

Yes! I said it!

I felt exactly how I felt in the classroom!

Unappreciated. Tired. Trapped.

And Broke.

So here is the real reason I picked up my Nikon D3100 out of the box that was sitting at the top of my closet…

mom dad and baby during mini session in denham springs louisiana

(my very first session I shot for free)

We. Needed. Money.

And thats not a bad reason!!!

That was the ONLY reason!!

My story isn’t like most photographers who apparently had a camera in their hand while in the womb.

But I LOVE my story.

Because I worked my butt off to make what I wanted in life a reality.

Is this a shock to you? I kinda hope it is! Because if you’re reading this and you feel the same way I did in my first career and as a stay at home mom with no income.. unappreciated. tired. trapped. broke…

You can do something about it!!

Take the steps to create your story and the life you LOVE!

Whether its with photography, or your passion!

I would LOVE to help you figure this out!!!

You, we, your husband, your sister… Deserve to love the life we were given. And that sometimes means you have to take steps to make it happen!!

If photography is something you even THINK may be your ticket to the life you love… let me help you!

And you can start by heading over to my free Facebook group where I am constantly sharing photography tips, tricks, advice, and answering any and all of your questions!

Click here—>

I’m rooting for you!

And if I can grow a thriving business from the ground up while potty training twins and nursing a newborn…

So. Can. You.

And if you’re ready to DO THE THING! Go FASTER and learn MORE about your camera, settings, manual mode, focus, light, composition, post processing, and editing… then you HAVE to join us in The Photography 101 Course… It is JAMMMM PACKED full of information to bring you from feeling like a fraud to TOTAL CONFIDENCE in just a matter of hours! 


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brittany bruce photography educator headshot

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