Three Basic Tools You Need To Nail a Ring Shot

May 16, 2019

macro ring shot

Shooting that iconic ring shot on a wedding day can be one of the most stressful parts of the entire day!

It’s crazy because you aren’t actually working with anyone… but what makes it stressful, is because it is 100% you and your creativity that makes the magic of the ring shots!

Give me a crazy bridal party or high strung mother any day of the week! I can manage crazy.. but nailing ring shots and making their bridal details lay perfectly flat, now thats a challenge.

I do have a few tricks I’ve learned over the years that have definitely helped make shooting rings a little less stressful..

So if shooting rings is a challenge to you, hopefully this will help!


This is VITAL and probably the most important thing to learn. You need time. You can’t QUICKLY shoot the rings and have them perfectly done. You can definitely practice to help speed up your process, but trust me friend.. you need TIME in order to nail those beautiful shots you love!  I always ask for 1 full hour to shoot bridal details on a wedding day!

It’s always a shock to the bride when she sees that 1/8 of her wedding day coverage is her bridal details..

but honey child..

if you want those ring shots and flay lays you’re use to seeing from me, you’ve gotta give the artist time!


This is the second most important thing to make sure you have enough of to master the ring shot. If you’re shooting weddings, by now you know just how important light is in photography. Light IS photography. So its not shocker that this is one of the basic tools you need! You want to make sure that your diamond is NOT facing the light. If it does, you will see a glare in your diamond and it just doesn’t look good…Trust.

Make sure your light source is to the side of the diamond or beyond your diamond so you wont get that obnoxious glare. You can also add a white reflector on the opposite side of the light source to help give your ring more of that light and airy feel you’re going for!


This is the last tool you need to nail that ring shot.

A macro lens.

A lot of photographers swear by using filters and short cuts, but friend… if someone is paying you thousands of dollars to shoot their bridal details.. its only right to make sure you have the appropriate gear. I have the Sigma 105mm2.8 macro lens. I’ll be honest.. it’s not my favorite and I will probably upgrade to a Nikon soon.. But it’s lasted me this long and has done a wonderful job!

I hope this helps you in your wedding photography journey!! If you need more resources to elevate your client experience and save you precious time, head over to the shop!!

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how to nail a ring shot on wedding days



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