Three Huge Mistakes I Made My First Year as a Photographer

February 16, 2019

Alright yall, who’s ready to hear about how dumb I was my first year starting out in the photography industry? This is something hopefully you’ll either be encouraged by, or learn from! Hopefully both! But I definitely wanted to write this blog because I think if I can save you from wasting time and money, its worth it. So here we go.. I made quite a few mistakes my first year, because I didn’t know what in the world I was doing.. but these are the top three that I look back on and say- Man! If I could have told 2016 Brittany these things her life would have been much easier. So here we go..



Okay, so I think we can all agree that starting in the photography business world, ain’t nuttin cheap!! So I tried hard to find decent gear for wayyyyy cheap.. And man do I regret it! Something about cheap gear, is that sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes its in focus, sometimes its not. It was a HUGE disservice to me as I was trying to learn! I definitely didn’t help my self esteem as I was trying to learn this new skill! So MY ADVICE!!! Do your research on gear, and SAVE YOUR MONEY until you can afford the good stuff!!



YALL!!!  Presets are generally between $75-$200 depending on where you are buying them from. I was spending money on presets because I couldn’t figure out the style I wanted for my brand and my images! There are SO many different styles out there… light and airy, dark and moody, light and moody, film inspired, high contrast, vivid colors, muted colors… I literally could go on, but I’m not because I’m already aggravating myself on this topic. ANYHOO! So do the math… TEN presets averaging about $125. You do the math. Its sad and I’m mad at myself but its was definitely a lesson learned. MY ADVICE? Do your research and find out which style makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Which editing style do you gravitate toward? Who do you look up to in photography? Go through IG or heck… pick up a Bridal magazine and see which pages pop out to you… then identify that editing style!! THENNNNN find a preset that emulates what you are going for…THENNNN spend your money. Don’t be stupid like me and buy 10 presets and figure it out by spending close to $1000. Lord knows I could’ve spend that $1000 on something awesome like an 85mm1.4 lens.;)


You guys.. I opened a business, became an LLC… and STILLLLL didn’t charge tax!!?? Like what the actual heck was I thinking??? I was SO dumb, and honestly still a little confused on the whole taxes system… but you guys.. YOU. HAVE. TO CHARGE. TAXES! You are selling a service AND product when you are delivering a digital image to your client!!   Please do yourself a favor and educate yourself on small business tax stuff, find a CPA, and don’t be stupid like me.


And thats it folks! Three huge mistakes, that if I could go back and talk to ignorant Brittany who was just trying to do her best.. I would hold her hand and guide her to a new and profitable path.

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