Three Reasons Why ALL Photographers Should Host Mini Sessions

August 9, 2019

Hey friend!

This week I am talking about all things MINIS !


Because FALL is upon us (hello crisp cool weather), which means your community will be ITCHING to get portraits done!!

Sooo… whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned wedding photographer.. hosting mini sessions are a great idea… for EVERYONE!

Here are my TOP THREE reasons why YOU should be planning on hosting a mini session weekend this fall!

Here we go.

light and airy sister portraits during mini session

#1: Minis will Establish You as a Photographer

OK.. so this is especially if you’re starting out, or have been out for a while.. OR transitioning out of one niche and into another! Minis will immediately establish yourself as a photographer in your community! Mini sessions are a full on event because you are launching the date, filling spots, videoing behind the scenes, sharing sneaks.. its proabably even bigger than a wedding day!


Because there are SO many different clients you are working with on ONE day! And when you have 10 different families posting YOUR name and images on their social media, your name will spread like wild fire and your community will see you as a busy, respected photographer that you are!

Which leads me to my next reason…

#2: Multiple Marketing Opportunities

Okay you guys.. When I first started out my goal was to shoot FIVE family mini sessions in the fall season. To convince FIVE people to pay me money to do something that I LOVE. If you’ve heard my story you already know.. I didn’t book 5.

I booked 55! Yes- you read that right. FIFTY-FIVE sessions in ONE month– Just weeks after I picked up the camera for the first time!

(which helped me pay for better gear and more education!)

How is this possible? Here is the truth. When you love people, serve people, and fill their needs as a consumer– they will sing your praises forever and always. So those first few sessions that I booked– those people told their friends.. and those people told their friends.. and before I knew it, I was no longer the “new photographer”..

I was Brittany Bruce.

“the amazing photographer that was so patient with our kids, gave them candy and cold water when we finished, and gave us triple the amount of images we payed for!”

Pour into your people.. as best and as much as you can..and they will market and advertise FOR you!:)

#3: A Higher Hourly Rate

I will be the first to admit– I’m a sucky business woman…

like for real.

I hate talking about money. I hate charging taxes. I hate feeling like a sleezy businesswoman just doing something for cash. But lets be honest- I have to pay for 2 kids in diapers, 2 kids in karate, and 6 mouths to feed on the daily.

Money is a necessity. So being able to get paid at a higher hourly rate is AWESOME!

“How can you charge more for minis?! I dont get it!?”

I dont techinically charge more… but my hourly rate increases!!

Here is the simple math! Right now, I charge $450/hour for my services.

My mini sessions are $200 for 20 minutes of time!

I can fill THREE 20 minute slots in one hour!

Which means I will be paid $600/hour doing mini sessions!!!


But the best part is that I am filling a need in our community. My past clients keep coming back.. and I get a couple extra thousand dollars to help pay for Christmas!

family with three girls during a fall mini session

So friend, are you shooting minis this year?!

Because you should be!!

And good news is that we’ve created an AMAZING resource for YOU thats coming soon!!

(like DAYS away)

A step by step blueprint in hosting, prepping, planning, and profiting from your mini sessions this fall!!

Are you excited!!?

Come join us in our FREE facebook group where I am sharing and answering questions!



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