Three Ways Photography Has Changed My Life

May 16, 2019

I use to roll my eyes at people saying  “this or that” changed their life.

Like really? Good for you..

And the holy roly in me wants to say, “Only Jesus can change your life, honey!”

But I do believe that God can put certain opportunities in your life, certain desires, open doors…. and use it to serve His purpose for you.

So yea.. I will say this was I huge pivot in the way my life was going.. and I do feel like I need to share.

I feel like if I don’t ever tell you how this ONE decision changed the entire course of my life.. I would be doing a disservice to you.

Because this.. photography.. might be how you can live the life you want.. be your own boss… make your own hours… have full control over your income (and ultimately your success)… and most importantly, use your talents and skills to serve others and create memories for them that they will pass down for generations.

Like.. how freakin powerful is that!

So here it is.

Three ways that photography changed my life.

brittany bruce photography education


The first time I picked up my camera in 2016, I was a stay at home with 3 babies in diapers. I wasn’t making any money, but spending a ton. We had no second income, and having the twins on formula for a year, and basically owning stock in Pampers, money was tight. Photography was literally something I googled and Youtubed day and night to try to figure out and piece all the things together to make sense. It took months and a TON of mistakes. But I did it. And I started. And thankfully, there was a need in our community!(as there always is!!!)

In the first year I made WAY more than I did as a teacher in the public school system by working half the time.

I saved enough to build the farmhouse of my dreams, and enough to be confident in growing our family by having another baby. I truly believe that if I would have never picked up my camera and JUST STARTED. I would not have my beautiful home, OR my sweet Bonnie Girl.


This is a big one. I can count on one hand how many close friends I still hang out with from high school and college. Its so sad.. but like most people after 15 years out of the halls of highschool.. you grow a part.. you have kids.. you move away.. you have different interests.. and lets be real, you just don’t have time to have a ton of friends.

But. Something that was really amazing and totally unexpected about this photography industry, is that I have met some of my closest friends and confidants through meeting people who have my same passions, goals, dreams, and values.

They get me.

They have heard my heart and WILDEST dreams about how big I want to grow my business one day! They’ve seen my cry over struggles. They’ve seen succeed, as well as fail. And I talk to them on a daily basis! These women live states away, but I feel like are always with me. Its crazy. And this is definitely one of the most unexpected perks of this industry that I absolutely love and the influence they have had on me has 100% changed my life.


When I was teaching, I woke up at 5:30, rushed to get ready, drove to a school and classroom that I honestly dreaded.. I remember like it was yesterday..  CRYING in the parking lot of the school I was at because I just did not want to go in. And the reality was.. THIS IS MY LIFE. And I honestly didn’t see how I could get out of it! Dealing with the parents who didn’t appreciate me, dealing with kids who were disrespectful, working in an environment where I felt like I, ME, THE TEACHER, could get in trouble at any second! It was life sucking. And nothing I dreamed of as a little girl. I felt stuck. I felt alone. I felt like.. this is it.. this is my life.. Suck it up, Brittany. You’ve got a mortgage to pay.

Now? I wake up by Joe crawling in bed with me around 7am. I go on a morning walks to clear my mind. I’m able to wear yoga pants every single day. I have Taco Tuesday with my mom and sisters every week! I am able to go to every single school function my kids have and not have to worry about “going back to work”. I get to inspire and educate women who APPRECIATE me and are THANKFUL for sharing my knowledge with them. I get to be a part of the best day of a brides life and show her all the images she gets to relive over and over again! I get to grow my business and income to heights that were always limited by the school system. And last but not least, I get to make my work schedule fit around my LIFE instead of the other way around.

Please don’t take this blog as a huge, fat brag.

I say all this to tell you that if you hate the job you’re in, or you’re a stay at home mom looking to make money to help your family, or you’re a retired grandma who wants to start a hobby that can help you go on more vacations… YOU. CAN. DO. THIS.

There are so many free resources to get you started!

A few big ones that I offer are my BLOG SERIES and BRITTANY BRUCE EDUCATION FACEBOOK GROUP! I am constantly answering EVERYONE’S questions, sharing videos, and helping grow your knowledge in the technical side as well as the business side!

If I can do this with four babies under four.



brittany bruce photography educator at magnolia in waco texas




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