Three Ways to Use Your Study Bible

November 9, 2022

In this video, I want to dive into my three favorite perks about the John MacArthur Study Bible. Before we dive into this lesson, make sure that you take the God-given superpower quiz so that you can see how God created you and how you can incorporate that superpower into your life and how you respond to the big calls that the Holy Spirit places on you.

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1. All-In-One Study Resource

First, this Bible is an all-in-one study resource! So, if you are someone who’s on the go or travels a lot, and you don’t want to have to bring ten different commentary books, ten different resources, and you just want to bring your Bible, you’re allowed to do that.

The way that the MacArthur Study Bible works is the top section is the Scripture, then there is a page break, and then you have the actual commentary that helps explain what the Scripture means. You don’t have to have multiple Bibles of multiple translations. You just need one. It’s such a beautiful thing!

2. Daily Bible Reading Plan

Secondly, if you like to do your daily Bible reading and you want a daily Bible reading plan, this one has it for you in the back of the Bible. Have you ever read the Bible through in a year? I’ll be doing a video on the importance of doing your DBR (your daily Bible reading) and explain how that’s separate from your quiet time to get you in the discipline of studying all the Scripture, not just your favorite books of the Bible.

The plan is actually in the back of this book, so you don’t need to add more resources to your plate. You don’t need to download or print out. Your daily Bible reading plan is already in here, and it tells you what to read and what days to read it. If you’re a big fan of organizing and you like to set dates and have a plan to follow, the MacArthur Study Bible will provide that.

3. Cross-Referencing

Finally, the third perk is cross-referencing. I see a lot of my friends who open the Bible, and they just reading one Scripture verse because their Bible does not supply them with the cross referencing. Cross-referencing is the middle column that shares other parts of the Bible that impact the verse you’re studying.

For instance, when you’re using other Scripture, you’re using God’s Word to study and understand God’s Word. This is so important because sometimes we can rely on commentaries, and we’re not actually using Scripture to study Scripture. Remember, we want to use as much of God’s Word as we can to understand God’s Word. We need to make sure that we are not misinterpreting Scripture and that we’re not relying on one man’s commentary on Scripture. Cross-referencing is what allows us to use other parts of the Bible to understand the scripture that we’re reading.

These are just a few of the reasons why I love the MacArthur Study Bible. If you have additional questions or maybe you’re wondering whether or not to get one, comment below and ask away! I love discussing what options there are out there to help you grow in your relationship with Christ. Let me know below, have you ever used the MacArthur Study Bible? If not, what other Bibles and resources have you found to help you grow in your walk with the Lord?

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