Achieve Your Dreams | Tuesday’s with Thomas

December 29, 2020

Tuesday’s with Thomas | December 8th, 2020 | Achieve Your Dreams

Happy Tuesday everyone!! Most of you may know, this past weekend we had our BB team retreat in Orange Beach! We had such a great time and dove deep into planning for 2021 on how to better love and serve you guys.  My biggest takeaway from the weekend is truly understanding how important it is to have a support system and people you can rely on to help you achieve your dreams. This leads me to my topic this week, “Don’t Do Business Alone”. 


The key to the success we’ve had in Brittany Bruce Education is directly a result of the efforts and talents of our team.

Each person plays a unique role that keeps the wheels turning everyday and allows everything to run smoothly. We know we cannot do it all ourselves nor do we have the skill set to do everything by ourselves. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today and wouldn’t have the capacity to provide the needs of our students. I’m not saying you need to go out and hire a full team to run your photography business…..but, what small things can you do to improve your business and best utilize your time?

Every one of you have the same daily daunting tasks that can be very time consuming

like editing, social media posting, replying to Honeybook inquiries, doing mini sessions, shooting weddings, the list goes on!! I remember watching Brittany edit until midnight to get images delivered to her clients as quickly as possible. It’s so easy to burnout and question if you can keep going on like this. What can you do to delegate some of your tasks to free up your time? You can hire an editor to edit those images for you so you can focus on marketing yourself and booking more clients. If you want to up your brand, you need to focus on yourself and how to improve your business and increase your prices. If you want to take your business to the next level, you need someone to help you get there!  

I know hiring someone takes money!

It can be scary to take on the responsibility of having to pay someone else for their services. Money is tight when you first start your business; we’ve all been there! Things as simple as child care can make a HUGE difference in moving forward in your business and achieve your dreams. We have 4 young kids, thankfully each of them are in a full day schooling program that allows us to work during the day. But, if they were home full time 24/7 we would never get anything done! I wanted to encourage every mom in here to find the financial resources to invest in child care.

This can be step 1 in moving the needle forward in your business. Once you have the TIME to “do all the things”, you can begin to make more money and then hire someone to help delegate all your tasks.

Brittany’s first TEAM members were: 

  • Mother’s Day Out Program/Babysitter

Then a year later.. 

These two pieces of help ALONE are what helped skyrocket Britt’s photography business all while having 3 babies under 3 and getting pregnant with a 4th! Because when you outsource, you are given more TIME to work on things that truly move the needle in your business and achieve your dreams! 

Once Brittany started photography education, she then hired: 

To start: 

– Lauren as a virtual assistant (Britt sucks at technology) 

A year later.. 

– Katie as a Facebook group moderator 

6 months later…

– Ashley as a Course Group/Photoflix Facebook moderator 

3 months later.. 

– Jackie as Social Media Marketer 

And just recently..

– ME! Thomas Bruce as her assistant 

Do you see how that happened? As you grow.. and your income grows.. you are able to outsource tasks to a team..and enlist help to achieve your dreams!

And what’s so awesome about BB education is that BB can be a part of YOUR team!

BB Education can be YOUR place to go for help. This can save you SO Much time, which in turn, will help you spend more time doing things that help our biz! 

You have so many resources in front of you to help you get to where you want to be. There are 4400 members in the FB group you can bounce ideas off of, become besties with a few people in the group, or create accountability partners that help push you forward and keep you on track. Best of all you have, the Photo Academy! You have EVERYTHING you need to start a successful business in one place for such a low price! Photography 101, Posing, Mini Sessions, Business/Branding, Flash, all templates/guides, presets, weekly Q&A with Brittany, and qualification to apply for the BB mastermind for $97/month for 12 months.

 The value of what’s in this program is UNREAL!

If you apply what you learn in the courses you will make far beyond the $97 per month you are paying to have the program.

 My encouragement for you today is to put your business in hyperdrive and hop in the BB Academy today! I hope each of you have a wonderful week and begin to formulate ways to improve your business by not doing it alone! 

Join the Free Brittany Bruce Education Group on Facebook:

Photo Academy 12 payments of $97/month link:

with so much love,

The Bruce Family


If you need more motivation, check out BB’s post about combating overwhelm here!

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