Two Things You Need to Rock Bridal Details on a Wedding Day

February 18, 2019

Bridal details are one of my most favorite things to shoot. I am such a cheeseball and love being able to create memories of those items that you place importance on. I have this thought in my head that in 10 years from now you’ll look at your bridal detail portraits and be like…”OMG look how timeliness our invitation suite was!” ..or.. “Do you remember how I always wore CoCo Chanel perfume?”.. or.. “I can not believe I chose that wedding dress… lace is so 2018!”

Bridal details, in my opinion, is just as important as the rest of the wedding day, which is why I love to take my time and do it to perfection!!

So photographers, can you guess what the two most important elements to rock this portion of the day? Time and Light!


bridal details photo with invitation rings shoes and earrings


When I was first starting out, I was super insecure asking the bride for one full hour in the eight hour timeline for bridal details… I always felt like brides just wouldn’t understand why it took so long! I even had one bride tell me that she only wanted me to spend 15 minutes shooting her 17 bridal details because she wanted me in the getting ready room with them. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes 15 minutes just to set up the invitation suite shot with all the dainty jewelry around it!! But I knew she didn’t understand, which is why I always, and STILL do, show up 30-45 minutes EARLIER than our contracted time!! This allows me to see the bride, dote on her, give her gifts, and collect all her bridal details, find good light and a clean background so that I can have one full hour to shoot! This is VITAL to shooting great details and being creative. YOU. NEED. TIME! Michelangelo couldn’t even create a masterpiece in 15 minutes.. so don’t expect yourself to!


The first thing I look for before I even find the bride and collect her details, is I find good, even light AND directional light! Ideally, if I can find a big window and let the light come through at a 90 degree angle that is ideal!! If there is no space for me to shoot inside with a big window, I go onto a porch or find open shade where the sun isn’t glaring on any of the details, especially the ring! There was one wedding that I had found a great window inside, but there was one tiny can-light that was casting an orange glare onto my images.(this was at a hotel where I wasn’t allowed to turn off the lights) It was barely noticeable, but i decided to pick up my perfectly laid out flat lay, and move to a completely new spot. I couldn’t spend the rest of my 50 minutes in imperfect light. So friends, take your time, find perfect light, and shoot your heart out!!

And thats it. There isn’t anything glamorous about time and light… but Martha, I’m telling you, its the two MOST important elements to make sure you can rock bridal details! So show up a little earlier, and spend some time to walk around your location to find what you need!

PS. The good light might be in the most terrible part of the venue. For example: I’ve shot next to restaurant dumpsters, the ladies room, and a busy hotel lobby. True story.


brittany bruce shooting bridal details on a wedding day


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