What Type of Products Should You Offer? (That WILL Sell)

November 14, 2022

In this video, we’re going to talk about what kind of products you should be offering in your business. There are five different types of products that you need to be offering in your business and this video is going to walk through each of them.

This is going to be a short and sweet video because I think this is something that you can just start brainstorming. Make sure to create a product curation sheet. All you need to do is get a big piece of paper, write out your product ideas, and write down the types of products you NEED in your business.

1. Free Products

The very first thing you need are some free products. I know that this sounds like, “Well, Brittany, I’m running a business.” Let me just give you some advice, okay? Think of why Mexican restaurants never go out of business. What do they offer right off the bat? Free chips and salsa. Similar to a Mexican restaurant, you need to have something in your business that is like free chips and salsa.

For me, I offer a free Facebook group, a free ebook, a free checklist, and a free download. When I was a photographer, I offered free style guides to people who were interested in booking with me but didn’t even book with me yet. So I gave the style guides, the engagement session style guides, a family style guide, the maternity style guide to my clients before they even booked me. For the Comfy Chic Boutique, as people came into the door, we offered free coffee, free water, and that was something that gave them a better client experience.

Here’s the deal: In a separate video we’re going to talk about how you can create a free offer that’s actually going to be beneficial to your business by adding people to your email list, which is more important than your Instagram followers.

It’s more important than your Facebook business page count. Your email list is something that you actually take ownership of. Make sure to check out that video here [link].

2. Solve the Pain Points of Your Ideal Client

What are their pain points and how do I solve them? Know who you are talking to, who your original messaging is for, and what they need. You aren’t buying for yourself, you’re buying for your ideal client. If you are a business coach, do not talk about what you want to talk about, talk about what your ideal customer needs.

Know the following:

  • How to talk to them
  • What to buy for them
  • How to provide for them

3. Ask Your Audience What They Want

Utilize your current platforms (social media, email list, business owner friends, etc.) to ask what they would like to see. It’s as simple as asking, “Hey friends! What would you like to see in our business?” Ask them to DM you or leave a comment below so you can get a really good idea of what they actually want.

You will be surprised at the answers you receive and here’s the thing: your audience WILL tell you. People love to share their opinions so give them the opportunity to do that.

4. Call Your Ideal Customer

When I first started my photography business, I got on a Zoom call with 10 friends and asked, “What are you needing help with that you can’t figure out on your own?” or you can ask, “What is it that I’m doing right that you want to learn how to do too?”

You can call even just one person to make sure you are on track and ask them specifically, “What products do you need that you can’t find?” You will be amazed to hear exactly what people are desperately searching for that you can come in and help solve.

5. What are Similar Businesses Selling?

Take a peek at other businesses that are doing similar things and selling similar products. Seeing that other businesses are selling a specific item can give you insight into what items you need to be offering in your business.

Then, you may think, “No, I can’t do that because it’s already been done.” This is actually a GOOD problem! That means that there is an entire market of people who are looking for that specific product.

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