What’s In My Bible Study Pouch?

October 31, 2022

In today’s video I’m going to be diving into what’s in my Bible study pouch that I carry with my in my Bible bag and when I go to church on Sunday. I’m going to dive into what items are essential to be in there, why they can elevate your Bible study experience, and how they will help you organize and dive deeper into your study.

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1. Frixion Pens and Highlighters

You can find these pens anywhere – Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. They’re available all over! These pens have a velvet top, and so they write really well in your Bible. The best part about these pens is that they are ERASABLE! Yes, you read that right! The top of the pen has an eraser and they don’t bleed through majority of Bible pages They are a great resource not only for your Bible study but for your everyday life.

In addition to their pens, they also have beautiful highlighters in every shade and color. Similar to the pens, they don’t bleed through and they are great because you can highlight different verses that stick out to you and you can have a different color for each verse and passage. A lot of people too will designate a color for different themes . It really is choose your own adventure with both of these tools!

2. Lined Sticky Notes

This is actually something I started this year. I used to carry around my notebook and my Bible everywhere. However, the problem was that I was carrying so many different journals, notes, and notebooks that that I often felt like I had notes and ideas everywhere and there was no organization to it. What I do now is write my notes on these lined sticky notes. I include what pastor is speaking, what the message is, what passages I’m in, etc. Additionally, many times I have multiple sticky notes in one specific passage because I’ve studied it multiple times.

Furthermore, I love doing this because it allows me to have everything organized in my Bible where the specific passage is and I can reflect back on things I learned and what God revealed to me in that specific season. Similar to the pens, they sell these at Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc and there are a variety of shapes and colors.

3. Bible Study Collective Inductive Bible Study Cards

Finally, the last thing that’s in my Bible study pouch and probably my favorite items are the Bible Study Collective Inductive Bible Study Cards. The owner goes through and teaches you about 5 steps to inductive Bible study:

• Prayer: ask the Holy Spirit to reveal revelation to you, help you understand the Word, God to reveal something new to you, etc.

• Observation: reading the context of the passage. Who was it written to, what does it say, etc.

• Interpretation: This dives a little deeper into the context of the passage. Many times people use commentaries or different translations

• Application: how does this practically apply to my life?

• Prayer: End your time praying too

The unique thing about inductive Bible study is that it’s not, “What do I want the Scripture to say”. You aren’t meant to be a detective and search the Scripture for what you think it should mean. You’re using Scripture to study Scripture.

I hope this was incredibly beneficial and valuable for you. I believe it will radically impact your Bible study experience. Leave a comment below and let me know one of your takeaways from this post!

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