Which Products Should You Offer? And HOW To Know If They Will Sell

November 11, 2022

In today’s video, we’re going to talk all about what products you should offer in your business and how to know if they are actually going to sell. The reality is that you can come up with all of these ideas of things you want to produce within your business but if you don’t really have the research done, unfortunately you won’t sell.

1. Know Your Customer Profile

First things first, if you have not watched the video about building your brand and knowing your ideal client, you can go back and watch it HERE. This is a foundational video to this video so make sure not to move forward until you’ve watched it. One of the biggest mistakes I see business owners make is that once they’ve built the brand, they get all of their logos together, mission statement, website, products live and more, and then nothing sells. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself:

-Did you complete their ideal client profile?

-Did you identify their pain points?

– Did you identify what you ideal client needs and what’s missing in their life?

-Is what you are creating an exceptional product and going to change their life?

This is what it ultimately boils down to. Before you do anything else, go back to your original customer profile in that previous video and really narrow that down. What are they interested in? What are their hobbies? Do they have kids? Are they married or single?

Knowing the answer to these questions deeply in your customer profile will help you solve the next question.

2. Solve the Pain Points of Your Ideal Client

What are their pain points and how do I solve them? Know who you are talking to, who your original messaging is for, and what they need. You aren’t buying for yourself, you’re buying for your ideal client. If you are a business coach, do not talk about what you want to talk about, talk about what your ideal customer needs.

Know the following:

-How to talk to them

-What to buy for them

-How to provide for them

3. Ask Your Audience What They Want

Utilize your current platforms (social media, email list, business owner friends, etc.) to ask what they would like to see. It’s as simple as asking, “Hey friends! What would you like to see in our business?” Ask them to DM you or leave a comment below so you can get a really good idea of what they actually want.

You will be surprised at the answers you receive and here’s the thing: your audience WILL tell you. People love to share their opinions so give them the opportunity to do that.

4. Call Your Ideal Customer

When I first started my photography business, I got on a Zoom call with 10 friends and asked, “What are you needing help with that you can’t figure out on your own?” or you can ask, “What is it that I’m doing right that you want to learn how to do too?”

You can call even just one person to make sure you are on track and ask them specifically, “What products do you need that you can’t find?” You will be amazed to hear exactly what people are desperately searching for that you can come in and help solve.

5. What are Similar Businesses Selling?

Finally, take a peek at other businesses that are doing similar things and selling similar products. Seeing that other businesses are selling a specific item can give you insight into what items you need to be offering in your business.

Then, you may think, “No, I can’t do that because it’s already been done.” This is actually a GOOD problem! That means that there is an entire market of people who are looking for that specific product.

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