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I live in cajun country, South Louisiana with my sweet husband Thomas and 4 littles!  I absolutely love cooking good food, porch time, coffee, and catching up on the latest reality tv (hey Bachelor Nation)!

Most days you can find me in my yoga pants, comfy t-shirt, mom bun on point, behind my computer helping new photographers chase their dreams, create businesses that work for them, and teaching #allthethings in our amazing Brittany Bruce Education facebook group! I believe in slow mornings, long date nights, and girls time with my fellow hot mess moms! 

My faith is the cornerstone of my life and business.. and being a preacher's daughter- you may hear me preaching truth here and there.. Embrace it. Apply it. And notice the freedom that you can experience in your life and business!

believer in jesus - wifey -
- mama to four -
 -photography educator -

I'm brittany.

Hey Y'all!

"STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING, and get into the photography 101 course.. like now!"

— Ashley A.

"After spending time with brittany & my mastermind sisters, I became on fire to build my photography business!!!"

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