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Courses, coaching, and community for women who want to              their passions through online business and ministry!

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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Online Business

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a leadership podcast  for Christian women

THe Brittany bruce show

Her teaching style is so simple! She gets straight to the heart of what's going on."

- kimberly k.

I would not be living the life I'm living today, without the education Brittany has provided!

- Katie s.

After applying Brittany's methods, my business blew up! And not only was I financially successful, but I felt balanced.

- samantha L.

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FREE Clarity in Your Calling Workshop

The Great Commission Jesus says to know Him and make Him known! 
We ALL have a specific calling and in that calling we need to be a living testimony!
But what are we called to do? 
How do we figure this out!? 
Uncover YOUR calling with this course! 


The FREE Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Online Business

You've got knowledge that people NEED and want! 
Let's package up what you know into an online course and get PAID for what you KNOW! 


Well Done Women WAITLIST

Well Done Women is a community for Jesus obsessed women who feel called to start a business or ministry!
To use their knowledge and experience to teach and lead others through coaching, courses, workshops, retreats, masterminds, and digital products!

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Most Inspiring Books

Called to Create by Jordan Raynor

Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson

Hearing God by Dallas Willard

Master of One by Jordan Raynor

Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado

The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson

Slow Growth Equals Strong Roots by Mary Marantz

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MacArthur Study Bible NASB

Frixion Pens & Highlighters

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Inductive Bible Study Bible Insert

The Prayer Guide Bible Insert

Biblehub.com and Bible.com

Youtube on the TV set to Elevation Worship

well done women

Educating and Equipping Women to Build, Launch, and Grow an Online Business and Ministry



Ever wonder what your God-given strengths and abilities are and how they affect God's call on your life?! 

Or ever wonder what God wants you to know about these superpowers and how he designed you? 

Take 60 seconds and find out here!! 

What is your God-Given Superpower?

I live in Orange Beach, Alabama with my sweet husband Thomas and 4 littles!
I absolutely love cooking good food, porch time and coffee, binge watching Netflix, or diving into a new personal development book!

Most days you can find me in my yoga pants, comfy t-shirt, digging into my Bible and uncovering mind blowing discoveries about my Lord and Savior, Jesus!

I believe in slow mornings, long walks, yummy date nights, and deep conversations with friends! 

My faith is the cornerstone of my life and business.. and being a preacher's daughter- you may hear me preaching truth here and there.. Embrace it. Apply it. And notice the freedom that you can experience in your life and business!

Meet Brittany

believer, wife, mom to 4,
christian podcaster and teacher

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Orange Beach, Alabama


Tuesday - Thursday 
10 a.m. - 3 p.m. CST