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How to Have Intimacy with God

So glad that you’re back for The Brittany Bruce Show! Do you ever wonder if there is something missing in your relationship with God? You’re doing all the right things, but you feel like God is just so far away. You know a lot about God, but honestly, he’s a complete stranger. You are craving […]

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I'm Brittany.

Jesus obsessed. Lover of teaching, writing, reading, and being home! Recently moved my family of 6 away from our hometown to start a new life in Orange Beach! 
God has shown up. And I'm here to tell you about it!


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2 Ways to Combat Overwhelm in your Biz

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3 Ways to Combat Anxiety

How to (REALLY) Have a Relationship with God

Hey Friend! Welcome back, to The Brittany Bruce show! Do you ever feel distant from God? You go to church on Sundays, and are pretty much living a good christian life.. But you feel totally disconnected from his presence, his peace, and just want what you had when you first accepted him into your life. […]

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The Formula to Freedom

Welcome back to The Brittany Bruce show! Do you feel called to do something that’s not only crazy, but it’s downright impossible? You want to live out God’s plan for your life, but you feel trapped…in a cage…as a slave to your own life…bound up by busyness, comforts, fear, or the sin and shame thats […]

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The Adventure of Surrender

Welcome to the Episode 3 of The Brittany Bruce [link] show! Do you feel like there is an entirely different life out there that God has for you, but you’re not totally sure how to get it or what that would even look like? You see these other Christians experiencing WILD and miraculous things, or […]

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The Cure for Overwork and Overwhelm

Welcome back to The Brittany Bruce show! Do you ever find yourself drowning with work, to do lists, meetings, obligations, carpool, expectations from family, friends… and you are TOTALLY overwhelmed with life, and even when you promise yourself that THIS YEAR will be different, THIS YEAR I’m going to have boundaries, and I’m going to […]

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 The One Thing That Will Change Everything

Welcome to the first ever episode of The Brittany Bruce [link] show! Do you ever feel like you’re running the rat race of life? Somehow in the midst of chasing the American dream, raising kids, and scrolling through instagram, you’ve lost your sense of purpose. Do you feel confused? Or depressed? You’re worried about how […]

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Five Places You Can Sell Your Products and Services Online

Today, I’m going to share 5 places that you can sell your online products. These are different platforms that I’ve personally used and loved for my own business.

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Four Places to Sell Your Products THIS WEEK!

In today’s video, I’m gonna give you four places that you can sell your physical products this week and make some money. You might be surprised to see some of they places I suggest but they are places that I’ve personally seen people sell their own products or I’ve sold my own there.

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How to Collect Email Addresses In Flodesk

How to Collect Email Addresses In Flodesk

In this video, I’m going to quickly show you how to collect email addresses in Flodesk and give you a behind the scenes tutorial. If you’re interested in trying Flodesk, you can take advantage of 50% off by using my affiliate code HERE. I only recommend tools that I’ve tried and trust and I know you’re going to love Flodesk!

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How To Study The Bible: Inductive Bible Study

In this video on the Bible study series, we’re going to dive into HOW do you actually study Scripture? This is one of my favorite topics to talk about because it’s the thing that allows you to hear the voice of God in your life. This is going to be the thing that helps you dive deep into Scripture and not be one big marathon of reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

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How To Serve Your Audience with Free Content

In this video, I’m gonna share with you why you need to offer free products in your business and the glory that is your email list. Before we dive in, make sure to take advantage of the free resources and downloads below.

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Which Products Should You Offer? And HOW To Know If They Will Sell

In today’s video, we’re going to talk all about what products you should offer in your business and how to know if they are actually going to sell. The reality is that you can come up with all of these ideas of things you want to produce within your business but if you don’t really have the research done, unfortunately, you won’t sell.

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Three Ways to Use Your Study Bible

In this video, I want to dive into my three favorite perks about the John MacArthur Study Bible. Before we dive into this lesson, make sure that you take the God-given superpower quiz so that you can see how God created you and how you can incorporate that superpower into your life and how you respond to the big calls that the Holy Spirit places on you.

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The MacArthur Study Bible Tour

In today’s video, I’m giving you a tour of the MacArthur Study Bible. I’m going to show you all what’s inside and all the reasons why you should get one too. it’s jam-packed with so many great study resources to help you take your time in the Word to the next level.

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Where I Create My Business Logos

Have no clue where to get your business logos? I’m going to share with you where and how I create my own business logos and where you can do the same. This is one of the most frequent questions I am asked on a daily basis and I want to introduce you to a tool that’s been an incredible game-changer for my business!

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Four Ways You Can Name Your Business

How do you know what your business name should be? This is one of the biggest pain points for business owners because there are so many things they can do when it comes to choosing a name.

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What’s In My Bible Study Pouch?

In today’s video I’m going to be diving into what’s in my Bible study pouch that I carry with my in my Bible bag and when I go to church on Sunday. I’m going to dive into what items are essential to be in there, why they can elevate your Bible study experience, and how they will help you organize and dive deeper into your study.

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How To Describe Your Business | Business Tag Line

In this video, I’m going to teach you the simplest way to formulate your mission – aka your business tagline so that you can begin incorporating it into your Instagram, website, social media platforms, and more.

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I'm Brittany.

I'm a believer, wife, mama, and educator for christian mamapreneurs.

seek Him first, and He will take care of the rest

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